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Bikini-clad woman in stilettos exits fire truck in front of Pink Poodle strip club in San Jose; mayor says 'heads must roll' if it's 'as bad as it looks'

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @sanjosefoos, composite

A woman apparently wearing only a bikini and stiletto high heels was seen in a cellphone video exiting a fire truck in front of a San Jose strip club called the Pink Poodle — and the mayor says "heads must roll" if it's "as bad as it looks."

Image source: KTVU-TV video screenshot

What are the details?

The San Jose Fire Department has launched an investigation into the video posted to the San Jose Foos Instagram account Thursday night, KTVU-TV reported.

In the video, the fire truck is stopped on a street and its lights are flashing as the woman exits a door on the right-hand side. The woman then walks toward the strip club, the station said.

The fire department said it is aware of the "concerning" video, KTVU reported.

"If findings of an internal investigation reveal inappropriate behavior of any department members, appropriate steps will be taken to address the matter," Chief Robert Sapien Jr. said in a statement, according to the station. "The City of San Jose Code of Ethics policy guides the conduct of all city employees. All City of San Jose employees are expected to adhere to the Code of Ethics Policy they have agreed to as a condition of their employment."

What did the mayor have to say?

Mayor Sam Liccardo warned of consequences if the investigation reveals inappropriate behavior, KTVU said.

"If the investigation concludes that this video is as bad as it looks, then heads must roll," Liccardo told the station in an emailed statement. "We cannot have a life-critical emergency rescue apparatus relegated to a frat party bus, nor tolerate any conduct that so demeans the heroic work of the rest of our SJFD team."

'Is this what our tax dollars are for?'

Vince Grimaldi, owner of a business next door to the Pink Poodle, told KTVU the club has always been a good neighbor — but the video surprised him.

"What do you say? I mean, my mouth dropped. And she had no clothes on. And what is she doing inside the fire truck? And who is running the fire truck, and who is in charge, and why did they allow this?" Grimaldi asked. "Somebody is in trouble."

Vince GrimaldiImage source: KTVU-TV video screenshot

Grimaldi added to the station that taxpayers like him deserve answers.

"Why was she in there? Somebody needs to answer that," he also told KTVU. "You see that, and you say, ’Is this what our tax dollars are for?'"

Anything else?

The station added that it's not known if the fire truck was on an official call for service at the time the video was recorded. KTVU in its video report said it reached out to the Pink Poodle and the San Jose firefighters' union for comment, but the station said neither responded.

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