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'F*** them': Bill Maher denounces the liberal media for routinely attacking RFK Jr., whom 80% of Democratic voters want to see debate Biden
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'F*** them': Bill Maher denounces the liberal media for routinely attacking RFK Jr., whom 80% of Democratic voters want to see debate Biden

Bill Maher raged against the Democratic establishment and its allies in the liberal media Sunday for ongoing efforts to assassinate the character of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom President Joe Biden is unwilling to debate.

"I want to take issue with the media because it incenses me how they write about you," Maher told Kennedy on the Sunday episode of his "Club Random Podcast."

The comedian zeroed in on a recent New York Times article entitled "Robert Kennedy Jr., With Musk, Pushes Right-Wing Ideas and Misinformation," stressing it had been presented as news contra opinion despite amounting to a hodgepodge of subjective claims and skewed characterizations.

"Right away, I'm pissed off because 'misinformation'? ... How about you're the newspaper, just tell me what he said and I'll decide what's misinformation," said Maher. "This arrogance of 'We know what the misinformation is about science.'"

"Whose misinformation? Because I seem to remember washing the mail for three days for about six months before they said, 'Oh, we got that wrong,'" said Maher, alluding to junk science peddled by the Times at the outset of the pandemic.

Maher then quoted a portion of the following from the Times piece: "Mr. Kennedy, 69, is a longtime amplifier and propagator of baseless theories, beginning nearly two decades ago with his skepticism about the result of the 2004 presidential election as well as common childhood vaccines. His audience for such misinformation ballooned during the coronavirus pandemic."

"This f***ing pisses me off," repeated the comedian.

After casting doubt on various assertions made in the article, Maher explained that it had been worth it, taking a closer look at the hit piece, because "they deserve richly to be mocked for that attitude. I just do not like the attitude," adding, "F*** them."

Certain that RFK Jr. will continue being misrepresented in the media, especially because the presidential candidate's views are relatively complex and not always easily reduced to sound bites, Maher stressed the need for Kennedy to publicly clarify his views for the benefit of prospective voters — possibly in a debate.

"Who do you think I'm going to debate?" Kennedy asked Maher.

"Well, if you're in the Democratic primary, you're going to debate Joe Biden," answered Maher.

The seasoned lawyer did not appear convinced, responding, "You think Joe Biden will ever debate me?"

A defeated Maher said, "Yeah, that's a good point."

Kennedy challenged Biden to a debate in April, writing, "I have known and liked Joe Biden for many years, but we differ profoundly on fundamental issues such as corporate influence in government, censorship, civil liberties, poverty, corruption, and war policy, among others. I look forward to engaging him in debates and town hall meetings, in a primary election that is honest, civil, and transparent. I invite him into a new era of respectful dialog in these times of division."

Kennedy told CNN's Michael Smerconish in late April that, "When you have so many Americans who are concerned about election integrity, we should be doing everything we can in our party to show that, you know, this is not rigged, rigged system. That it is actually democracy … people can run and that they can get to debate and that the public is gonna be able to see them, and they’re doing kind of the opposite."

A spokesman for the Kennedy campaign said, "Of course, there should be debates in a democratic system as a way to help voters choose the candidate that best represents their views. ... Debates can also help voters evaluate a candidate’s character."

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll revealed earlier this month that eight in 10 Democratic primary voters want to see a series of Democratic debates during the 2024 campaign, including 72% of Biden supporters.

Notwithstanding Biden's sense that "we can't take democracy for granted any longer," the president, netting a majoritively negative approval rating, is not interested in debating the issues per the wishes of the demos, and the Democratic National Committee will not sponsor any debates.

David Paleologos, director of Suffolk's Political Research Center, indicated that the "decision not to debate is ignoring the 82% of women, 84% of union households, 86% of independents, and 90% of young voters who are not only planning to vote in their state's Democratic primary or caucus next year but also would like to see a series of Democratic primary debates."

It appears that Biden allies, aware that the president's speechwriters and staff already have their hands full "embracing" his mental deterioration, are not overly keen on exposing the octogenarian to unscripted conversation and greater scrutiny.

Jim Kessler, a Democratic operative and executive vice president of policy at the think tank Third Way, told The Hill Biden should not debate Kennedy and Marianne Williamson.

"They are both gadflies who have done nothing to earn the right to debate a sitting president in an otherwise uncontested primary," said Kessler. "You have to earn your way to the debate stage."

Charlotte Clymer, a Democratic strategist supporting Biden, said, "Yes, I think presidential debates between qualified people, made in good faith, are only beneficial for democracy. A net good. ... But President Biden’s current opponents are neither qualified nor running in good faith," adding "RFK Jr. is a f***ing clown, full stop."

The Hill indicated that Democrats especially do not want dissenting opinions on COVID-19 vaccines, the Russia-Ukraine war, or other pressing topics elevated.

Nina Turner, former elected official from Ohio and co-chair on Sen. Bernie Sanders' most recent failed presidential campaign, told The Hill, "Biden risks being exposed for his administration not doing much to change the material conditions of everyday people in this country. ... He would be forced to answer to the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party."

Numerous liberal journalists and pundits have also recently argued on Biden's behalf against the free exchange of ideas on the national stage.

Esquire magazine's Charles Pierce begged earlier this month, "For the love of god, please stop trying to make this happen."

Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times insinuated that the best way for Biden to win an argument with Kennedy is to avoid the argument altogether.

"You can come armed with all the facts in the world, but when you’re dealing with a conspiracist, there's no real way to 'win' an argument," wrote Manjoo.

Manjoo went on to commend vaccine-promoter Peter Hotez for similarly cowering when presented with the opportunity to defend his position — a refusal that amounted to Hotez's denial of $2.6 million to the charity of his own choosing.

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