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Bill Maher torches Democrats outraged over Kevin McCarthy's joke about Nancy Pelosi: 'Shut the f*** up'
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Bill Maher torches Democrats outraged over Kevin McCarthy's joke about Nancy Pelosi: 'Shut the f*** up'

Comedian Bill Maher sharply rebuked Democrats on his HBO show Friday for their "bad faith" attacks on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who was recently the target of Democratic outrage after making a joke that involved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Maher's comments came after a lengthy monologue lambasting the woke backlash against actor Matt Damon, who admitted last month he recently stopped using an anti-gay slur, only to say later that he has never said the word.

What did Maher say?

After condemning the "woke police" from "wokeville" for sentencing Damon to "wokecatraz," Maher said he is "so tired of bad faith arguments."

The "Real Time" host then pointed to Democratic outrage over something McCarthy said two weeks ago. As TheBlaze reported, McCarthy joked at a Republican fundraising dinner that, while referring to the House speaker's gavel, "it will be hard not to hit her with it but I will bang it down" if Republicans regain the House majority after the 2022 midterm elections.

"Two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi called Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy a moron. That's not the bad faith part of the story. That's the true part," Maher began.

"But a few days later, McCarthy was speaking to a group of Republicans and said jokingly — but he is Kevin McCarthy — he said that if Republicans took the House in 2022, 'I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel, it will be hard not to hit her with it.' Pelosi's office called it a threat of violence. Hakeem Jeffries said violence against women is no laughing matter. And [Rep.] Eric Swalwell said McCarthy was a would be assailant who must resign," Maher continued.

"Shut up. Shut the f*** up," Maher said of McCarthy's critics.

"This is what bad faith is," Maher added. "You don't really think it was a threat of violence or that anyone thinks such violence would be a laughing matter, or that Kevin McCarthy is a would be assailant any more than anyone thinks Matt Damon's a homophobe."

New Rule: Leave Matt Damon Alone | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)youtu.be

Anything else?

Blasting woke culture has become a regular feature of Maher's show.

Just this year, Maher torched the woke tendencies of the Olympics, cancel culture and social justice warriors, and celebrities who bend their knee to woke backlash.

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