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Bill Maher blasts Lin-Manuel Miranda for bending knee to woke mob: 'This is why people hate Democrats'
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Bill Maher blasts Lin-Manuel Miranda for bending knee to woke mob: 'This is why people hate Democrats'

Bill Maher blasted Democrats on his show Friday after "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda apologized to woke critics who complained that his new movie excluded Afro-Latino actors.

What is the background?

The movie, "In The Heights," is based on a book and Miranda-created Broadway play by the same name. The story follows characters based in Manhattan's famed Washington Heights neighborhood, which has a significant Hispanic and Dominican population.

The movie was criticized this week for not having casted enough Afro-Latino actors. "[T]he problem with 'in the heights' is 1. ppl who havent been to the heights and dunno its majority black latino will think its accurate and 2. latinos will defend it even if they know a real in the heights would be black as hell coz they antiblack and selfhating af," a prominent critic said.

In response, Miranda released a groveling apology in which he acknowledged the accusations of "colorism" and said he is "truly sorry."

I started writing In The Heights because I didn't feel seen. And over the past 20 years all I wanted was for us — ALL of us — to feel seen. I'm seeing the discussion around Afro-Latino representation in our film this weekend, and it is clear that many in our dark-skinned Afro-Latino community don't feel sufficiently represented within it, particularly among the leading roles. I can hear the hurt and frustration over colorism, of feeling unseen in the feedback. I hear that without sufficient dark-skinned Afro-Latino representation, the work feels extractive of the community we wanted so much to represent with pride and joy. In trying to paint a mosaic of this community, we fell short. I'm truly sorry.

I'm learning from the feedback, I thank you for raising it, and I'm listening. I'm trying to hold space for both the incredible pride in the movie we made and be accountable for our shortcomings. Thank you for your honest feedback. I promise to do better in my future projects, and I'm dedicated to the learning and evolving we all have to do to make sure we are honoring our diverse and vibrant community. Siempre, LMM.

What did Maher say?

Speaking on HBO's "Real Time," Maher said woke outrage and Miranda's apology are symptomatic of bigger problems among progressives — and it demonstrates why "people hate Democrats."

"Stop the apologizing!" Maher exclaimed. "You're the guy who made the Founding Fathers Black and Hispanic! I don't think you have to apologize to Twitter! For f**k's sake! This is why people hate Democrats— it's cringy!"

Maher added that he doesn't believe Miranda actually wanted to apologize, but said it's time for people to start standing up to woke social media "bullies."

"Do I think he really thinks he needs to apologize? I don't. He just wants to avoid the news cycle. I don't blame him, you know," Maher said. "I understand this, but at some point, people are going to have to stand up to these bullies because that's what it is! It's bullying. It's 'I could make you crawl like a dog and I enjoy it.'"

"I mean, he's a Latino making a Latino movie with a Latino cast— not good enough!" Maher continued. "Nothing is ever good enough for these people! They're like children. We don't raise our children right and it's reflected in the media. No one ever tells their children, 'Shut the f**k up, sit down, listen to your elders, stop b**ching."

Real Time with Bill Maher 6/18/21 | Real Time HBO June 18, 2021 FULL Episode 720 HDyoutu.be

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