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Bill Nye compares climate change deniers to flat-earthers: ‘Climate denialism is almost exclusively for old people’
Image source: NBC News video screenshot

Bill Nye compares climate change deniers to flat-earthers: ‘Climate denialism is almost exclusively for old people’

Zero words were minced in the making of this video

Bill Nye lashed out at climate deniers in an NBC News video released Tuesday, pigeon-holing those who don't subscribe to the belief of climate change as "old people."

What are the details?

Nye, most famous for his long-running kids' show "Bill Nye the Science Guy," told NBC News' Mach — its hub for technology and innovation — that proponents of climate denialism will eventually die out.

He also expressed his anger at Americans who turn a blind eye to climate change.

"It is infuriating to have people in the United State denying science," he began. "The same country that sent people to the moon, for crying out loud. You look for reasonable explanations, cause and effect — I'm just not clear on what's going on with so aggressively denying science."

Nye went on to compare climate change deniers to flat-earthers — a fringe group of people who believe that the earth is, indeed, flat, and not actually spherical.

"It's almost like [climate change deniers are] in 'The world is flat' camp," he marveled. "The world's not flat. Humans are causing climate change. Pretending it's not happening is not in anyone's best interest."

Nye suggested the effect of economic reasons if people need a more valid reason than science to believe in climate change.

"Other countries are gonna develop technologies for producing electricity, especially, that are going to outcompete you if you pretend it's not happening," he explained. "But now, I don't think you're going to be able to run for office — this next year's 2020, and certainly not in 2024 without a clear position on climate change."

What else?

He added that he believes the concept of climate denialism is "almost exclusively" for the elderly.

"You know, I say all the time ... climate denialism is almost exclusively for old people. You very, very seldom meet a young person, a kid, a student, who is in denial about climate change," he reasoned. "They're gonna change things. They're not gonna put up with this denialism. ... They're gonna vote and change governments and denialism will be a thing of the past."

He concluded with a dire warning.

"You can draw all kinds of analogies from history, but this one's extraordinary because it's worldwide and it affects everybody. It's just us versus them, it's us versus ourselves," he promised. "We have 12 years. By 2031, you've gotta get something done or it's gonna be a catastrophe for most of humankind."

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