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Black Trump-supporting activist for #WalkAway movement squares off with arrogant white Black Lives Matter protester: 'I don't need you to tell me my life matters'


Powerful testimony

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Shemeka Michelle, an activist and former Democratic voter, has gone viral after facing off with a white man who was apparently demonstrating for the Black Lives Matter movement.

What happened?

Michelle, now a Trump supporter, marched in Los Angeles over the weekend to demonstrate her commitment to the #WalkAway movement, as well as show her support for President Donald Trump.

Michelle marched with hundreds of others who gathered to demonstrate their support for the president and encouraged California liberals to leave the party and align themselves with Republicans.

One video in particular caught Michelle speaking with a white Black Lives Matter protester who insisted that she needed his help to fight inequality.

Michelle immediately blasted the demonstrator, telling him that his privilege speaks volumes in trying to advance the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I don't need you to tell me my life matters," she insisted. "I don't need your privilege to tell me or to justify who I am in America! This is my country! This is my land! My ancestors built this country, so I'm gonna walk around here as bold as I want to."

She continued, "I don't have to have you cosign and tell me my life matters. That right there insinuates that you think your voice is bigger and better than mine. ... You are supporting an organization that does not like black men! And as a black woman, I can tell you how important black men are to the black family; without them, we are nothing. So when you support an organization that doesn't push them up the way we need them to be, you ain't s**t."

Michelle, also a staunch pro-life supporter, added that the Black Lives Matter movement would also serve its intended audience better if it weren't so quick to abort black babies.

"We kill more black babies than are born every year," Michelle said. "You said 'black lives matter.' What about black lives in the womb? They don't matter? They don't matter? So then how are you pushing an organization that doesn't care?"

'Rescue America'

In Saturday remarks about the march, #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka said, "We're doing these rallies because we wanted to show the radical left who's been smashing windows, committing acts of violence, committing acts of vandalism they do not own America's streets. We're going to fight for the heart and soul of America, so this is our third one. Next week we'll be in Milwaukee and we'll basically be doing 'Rescue America' rallies around the country for now through the end of the year."

Straka added, "We're a movement of people who are walking away from the Democratic Party. We're walking away from the ideology of liberalism, the liberal media … basically, we want to live in a country with peace and civility … truthfulness, kindness and again, we're not getting that from the political left so we're walking away from the Democrats."

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