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Blaze News original: A dozen times gangs on motorcycles, ATVs, and bikes harassed, attacked, and killed others
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Blaze News original: A dozen times gangs on motorcycles, ATVs, and bikes harassed, attacked, and killed others

'This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior.'

Sometimes people who ride all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes — and even your everyday bicycles — hit the road in groups. Sometimes nothing comes of their convoys.

But at other times — as Blaze News has extensively reported — they're up to no good.

Harris’ dashcam video recorded the bikers beating him with helmets, kicking him, and hitting him with his own wrench, WINK said, adding that Harris suffered a fractured skull.

Readers no doubt recall the horrific story about 30 to 40 ATV riders who surrounded and severely beat up an 82-year-old motorist who was out to "pick up a turkey" in Boston ahead of Thanksgiving in 2021.

The victim's daughter told WCVB-TV her dad "wasn't doing anything wrong. He's simply traveling somewhere, and then he gets attacked, and it's heartbreaking for us to know that it's not safe for our 82-year-old father to be out by himself. Discouraged at humanity in general to know that someone — or more than someone — can get together and beat on a defenseless elderly man." Victim Richard Bell months later told Inside Edition, “I feel I’m lucky to be alive."

It's been a problem in Houston ... in Durham, North Carolina ... in Wicomico County, Maryland ... in San Francisco ... as well as in other big cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami.

The following are a dozen times when gangs on motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and even bicycles harassed, attacked, and killed others.

Dirt bike, ATV riders drag mother from car, brutally beat her during road rage attack while victim's 8-year-old child trapped in vehicle

Shyanne Boisvert charged in connection with attack. (Image source: Providence police)

The violent attack occurred about 11 p.m. on Aug. 1, 2021, after an alleged road rage incident in Providence, Rhode Island. The Boston Globe, citing a police report, said when the bikes failed to move during a green light, the mother honked and then made a turn. But a few minutes later when the mother was stopped at another traffic light, the Globe said the riders allegedly came up from behind her and surrounded her vehicle, preventing her from moving forward.

A few of the riders dragged the 35-year-old mother from her vehicle, police said, adding that about 10 riders are seen on video viciously pummeling her with kicks and punches as her 8-year-old child was stranded in the car nearby. The riders then fled the crime scene. The violent attack was captured on a cellphone video, which WLNE-TV posted.

Shyanne Boisvert, 24, was arrested Aug. 5 in connection with the attack, police said. She was charged with one count of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct, according to Deputy Chief of Police Commander Thomas A. Verdi. She was held pending arraignment. The Cranston Police Department tipped off Providence Police to Boisvert's whereabouts since she was arrested in January 2021 for reportedly pushing a police officer after about 30 motorcycles and ATVs were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. As the officer handcuffed Boisvert, another driver was arrested and accused of running over the cop's legs with his ATV before fleeing and later crashing into a police cruiser. Another member of the group was arrested and accused of leading police on a chase and striking a passing car.

Gang of ATV, dirt bike riders surround police in Philly, throw bricks, bottles at cops, break windshield of police vehicle

Image source: Philadelphia police

A gang of dirt bike and ATV riders surrounded police at a Philadelphia gas station on the night of Oct. 16, 2022, and threw bricks and bottles at cops, which resulted in a broken windshield. Police bodycam video showed one rider throw an object at a police vehicle. Police were still looking for the culprits days later; the city has a "no pursuit" policy for such vehicles, PhillyVoice reported at the time.

Thug biker riding in large group stomps, smashes rear window of car while kids, 2 and 5, are in back seat. Mom confronts biker, who points gun her, but she won't back down.

The suspect's motorcycle and gun (Image source: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, composite)

Blaze News reported extensively on the biker who was accused of stomping and smashing a car's rear window on a Philadelphia street last fall while kids, ages 2 and 5, were in the car's back seat — after which the biker allegedly pointed a gun at their mother and head-butted her.

Nikki Bullock, the mother in question, spoke to WCAU-TV about the ordeal, which took place around 8:45 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2023. Bullock told the station she was delivering food with her girlfriend and their two children when the assailant — who was riding with large group of bikers — hit her car.

"They’re not paying attention to lanes. They’re just doing whatever. So I’m turning in the lane, and he just hits the side of the car," Bullock told WCAU, adding that she argued with the biker afterward.

She noted to the station the biker at that point took things to another level, hopping up on her car's back bumper and stomping on the rear window before jumping high and smashing through the window with both feet. Video shows the biker getting down to the street while dropping what appears to be a gun. As the biker picks it up, the mom exits the car to confront the biker — who responds by pointing a gun at her. She continued trying to get in the biker's face, and the biker — who was wearing a helmet — head-butted her and shoved her.

Well, Bullock still wasn't about to back down, and video shows her shoving the biker back — and he falls sideways along with his two-wheeled ride. Bullock added to WCAU that her kids are all right and "there's not a scratch on them." Video shows her with at least one child in her arms walking away from the scene. (You can view the station's interview with Bullock, as well as video of the incident, here.)

Cody Heron, 26, was charged with possession of an instrument of crime, recklessly endangering another person, and multiple counts of aggravated assault in connection with the incident, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office said. Heron pleaded guilty in February, after which he was convicted — and then earlier this month he was sentenced to one to four years in prison.

Mini-bike riders attack 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actor Ian Ziering on Hollywood Boulevard: 'Hooliganism on our streets'

Actor Ian Ziering and his daughters Mia (left) and Penna serve the homeless community during the Los Angeles Mission Christmas Celebration, Dec. 22, 2023 — about a week before mini-bike riders attacked him.

Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Mini-bike riders were caught on video physically attacking "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor Ian Ziering on Hollywood Boulevard on Dec. 31, 2023. (You can view video of the attack here and here and here.) TMZ said the attack took place after a large group of riders were weaving in and out of traffic. Video shows Ziering exiting his vehicle and shoving a rider who appeared to be idling in front of the "90210" alum's vehicle. With that, the shoved rider went after Ziering — and got plenty of help from fellow riders, all of whom surrounded and converged upon the actor and began punching him.

Ziering gamely fought back but began running across the street once he sensed he was outnumbered. But the mini-bike riders kept coming after Ziering. The actor kept fighting back, however, and managed to kick one of them before another threw an overhand right at the actor. A video recorded after the attack on Ziering shows at least a dozen riders idling in the middle of street, blocking traffic in both directions, as a couple of them kick and slam helmets into Ziering's vehicle before the whole crew takes off.

KCAL-TV said Ziering's daughter also was in the vehicle during the attack; TMZ said the 10-year-old's name is Penna. It isn't clear whether anyone else was in the vehicle at the time of the attack. As the riders leave the scene, Ziering is seen crossing the street, heading to his vehicle, and hugging his daughter, who appears distraught.

The next day Ziering posted an Instagram message saying that "the incident has left me deeply concerned about the growing boldness of such groups who disrupt public safety and peace. This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior. As a citizen and a parent, I find it unacceptable that groups can freely engage in this kind of behavior, causing fear and chaos, while the response from authorities seems insufficient."

Last month police said two suspects were arrested in connection with the incident, USA Today reported. Jacob Esteban Hernandez, 20, was booked for felony vandalism, and Angie Teresa Guizar, 40, was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, the paper said.

Dirt bike riders hunt down, shoot teen boy believed to have been making food deliveries on his scooter in south Philly

Just before 12:30 a.m. April 24, Philadelphia police found a 17-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg next to his crashed scooter at South 10th and Federal Streets, WCAU-TV reported, citing Chief Inspector Scott Small. Officers rushed the boy to a hospital, where he was being treated in stable condition, the station said.

The incident began minutes earlier at 10th and South Streets when a group of about six to eight mask-wearing men on at least four ATVs tried to rob the teen of his scooter, police told WCAU, adding that the teen — who possibly was finishing his shift — fled on 10th Street. The dirt bikers "chased the 17-year-old who was on the motorized scooter" about 10 blocks before shooting him, Small told the station, after which the victim continued driving for about 100 feet before crashing his scooter into a parked car.

Gang of young bicyclists carry out 'animalistic attack' on BMW in Manhattan in broad daylight

The attack took place around 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 29, 2020, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 21st Street, the New York Post reported. (You can view a video of the incident here in which the attackers try to get into the BMW, do body slams on its hood, and beat the vehicle with their bikes.) Soon one of the thugs gets a running start, launches himself off the hood, and comes down with both feet slamming into the car's windshield, shattering and caving it in.

An unnamed Manhattan cop told the Post that "this was an animalistic attack in broad daylight." After noting that the pair in the car were clearly scared for their lives, the cop added, "It shows how far the city has deteriorated, and the politicians better get their heads out of the sand and start to deal with these problems before there is nothing left."

Road-rage perp in large group of riders physically attacks motorist on Philly street, chucks heavy debris at vehicle — and appears to grab gun

The attacker was traveling with a large group of dirt bikes and quads, which is illegal, PhillyVoice reported at the time. The victim — a 25-year-old man in an SUV — had been driving just after 6 p.m. on March 9, 2021, when the riders came to a sudden stop, and the victim's SUV hit one of the bikes in the 1100 block of South Broad Street, the outlet said. Police said the SUV driver exited his vehicle to check on the biker — and the biker became combative and demanded payment for the damages, PhillyVoice reported. A now-deleted witness' video shows portions of the rider's subsequent attack, which included the rider punching the SUV driver. Then the enraged rider walks away from the SUV apparently toward the group with whom he'd been traveling and shouts, "Let me see that!" The biker then reaches out and appears to grab a gun from someone not visible in the clip. The rider also picked up what appeared to be heavy debris from the street and chucked it at both sides of the SUV, and the vehicle's windows appear to shatter. Police told PhillyVoice the SUV driver reported minor injuries from the attack and from being cut by broken glass. A passenger in the SUV who was not seen in the video also suffered unspecified injures, a police spokesperson added to the outlet. Police told PhillyVoice at the time that they have a "person of interest" in custody. (You can view video — which includes a report about the attack along with video of it — here.)

Vicious biker gang brutally beats, stomps elderly man and son during broad-daylight attack in NYC

Dirt bikers violently yanked an elderly man and his adult son out of their car in Harlem on March 15, 2022, mercilessly beating them before stealing a cell phone, a wallet, and some cash. WABC-TV said the incident took place near the intersection of St. Nicholas Terrace and West 127th Street. (You can view video of the attack here.)

Authorities said the beating occurred after one of the bikers ran a red light and collided with a car, which held a 64-year-old man and his 36-year-old son. Surveillance video shows at least four bikers surrounding the father and son's vehicle as two of them yank the driver out of his vehicle and throw him on the ground. One of the suspects then can be seen kicking the driver while he lies on the ground, and a second suspect later punches him. Video also showed others surrounding and kicking the victims while one suspect appeared to ram a bike into one of the victims. The victims were hospitalized and said to be in stable condition.

At least three people were arrested in the wake of the attack, the New York Post reported: Antwaun Joyce, 30, was charged with three counts of robbery and one count of gang assault; James McMurren, 29, was charged with robbery, gang assault, and assault; Kureem Nelson, 35, was charged on two counts each of robbery and assault, as well as a count each of gang assault, petit larceny, and criminal mischief.

Thugs on dirt bikes violently beat US postal worker in Brooklyn in broad daylight as he made his rounds

The mail carrier suffered multiple broken bones in his face when at least two males on dirt bikes attacked him, New York City police told WCBS-TV. (You can view video of the summer 2021 attack here.) The NYPD told WNBC-TV they're searching for five males following the attack on the 57-year-old postal worker. Witnesses said the dirt bikers aggressively rode around Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood and prevented the mail carrier from completing his rounds by keeping him from crossing the street. Video shows one of the suspects illegally riding his dirt bike on the sidewalk and coming at the postal carrier from behind. The worker swiped at him with his keys, WCBS said, and the suspect struck back. A second suspect on a dirt bike joined in when the postal worker dared to defend himself. The two males pinned the victim against a wall and repeatedly punched him.

Gang of about 30 ATV, dirt bikers brutally attacks motorist in NYC; 45-year-old victim suffers severe neck, spinal injuries and dies 2 weeks later

Authorities said the Nov. 4, 2022, assault occurred around 10 p.m. on East 125th Street, WNYW-TV reported. One rider hit the passenger-side mirror of Arthur Cooke's vehicle, the station said, adding that Cooke got out to survey the damage and then the riders attacked him. Cooke died from his injuries Nov. 18, WNYW said, adding that he had a young child. (You can view WNYW's video report here.)

Motorcycle riders chase motorist after verbal confrontation, beat him with his own wrench, fracture his skull

The road-rage attack took place in North Ft. Myers, Florida, on Jan. 9, 2021, the Daily Mail reported. (You can view video of the attack and the aftermath here.)

Victim Jeremy Harris told WINK-TV he noticed the motorcycle riders blocking an intersection: “They were stopping traffic so that people could not get through, so I said something to them about it, and we had an exchange of words." Harris added to the station that he accidentally clipped one of the bikers while driving down Pondella Road, after which seven men went after him.

Harris has a license to carry a gun and could have flashed it at his attackers, WINK said, but he decided against it and grabbed his wrench instead.

“I grab the wrench more so to scare them off than to use it, and one of the guys on the bike pulled out a handgun and cocked it,” Harris recounted to the station. “I backed off, but before I could get back and turn to my vehicle, they swarmed me.”

Harris’ dashcam video recorded the bikers beating him with helmets, kicking him, and hitting him with his own wrench, WINK said, adding that Harris suffered a fractured skull. “If I could sit in the passenger seat and just redo that, I would’ve said, ‘Hey, man, just keep going. It ain’t worth it. It ain’t worth it,'" he added to the station.

WINK reported in a follow-up story that four males had been arrested in connection with the physical attack: Kevin Cordero, 27; Jermin Deleon, 36; Roberto Deltoro, 35; and Ramon Santiago, 32.

Multiple ATV, dirt bike riders surround motorist on Christmas Eve, argument ensues, motorist tries to flee — and is fatally shot, sources say

The driver of a red Mazda 3 was traveling southbound on Northwest 13th Avenue in Northwest Miami-Dade and was nearing the intersection with 119th Street just after 4 p.m. last Christmas Eve when multiple ATV and dirt bike riders surrounded the car, WSVN-TV reported, citing sources.

An argument ensued, and when the motorist tried to flee, someone opened fire into the Mazda multiple times, sources told the station, and the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the neck. Sources added to WSVN that the subjects fled the scene. The station said Miami-Dade Police had not confirmed the aforementioned details but were investigating.

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