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BREAKING: Police departments in multiple cities report bomb threats


The NYPD says it is has determined that these threats are part of an extortion scheme and are likely not credible


Multiple police stations in cities across the United States have reported receiving bomb threats via email. The emails also tried to extort these police stations for money. So far, the locations threatened have all been declared to be safe and no explosives have been discovered.

Police in Frederick, Maryland, New York City, Boston, Detroit, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, have all reportedly responded to separate threats.

According to a tweet by the NYPD, the threat was part of an email demanding payment for money. The NYPD stressed that “[w]hile this email has been sent to numerous locations, searches have been conducted and NO DEVICES have been found." It determined that these threats were “likely NOT CREDIBLE."

This is a developing story and will be updated

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