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Nobody believed a boy's story about his parents until he grew up, bought his family's old house, and found his mother's body. Now his dad is on trial for murder.


He was only 3 in 1993 when his mother had been murdered

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In a tragic twist, a man found his own mother's body in the backyard of his childhood home, reopening an investigation into whether his father had murdered her more than two decades earlier.

Wait, what happened?

In January 1993, Bonnie Haim went missing from her home in Jacksonville, Florida. Her 3-year-old son, Aaron, kept telling police "Daddy hurt Mommy" and "Daddy shot Mommy," but since he was so young his testimony was dismissed. He told investigators at the time that his grandparents thought he had been "brainwashed" and wasn't telling the truth. He had reportedly added details that were provably false, leading investigators to dismiss his entire testimony.

His mother had reportedly been having marital issues and was planning on leaving Aaron's father, Michael Haim. She even had a secret bank account that Michael Haim had recently discovered before her disappearance.

Michael couldn't be tied to Bonnie's murder, although police considered him to be a suspect. He insisted that his wife had abandoned him and Aaron, and that he had tried to look for her but could not find her.

Aaron was adopted by another family and now has the last name Fraser.

Fast forward to 2014

In 2014, Aaron, now an adult, bought the house he had lived in as a child. But when he was renovating the backyard, he made a grisly discovery.

According to a 2016 story from WJXT-TV, Fraser was digging in his newly purchased backyard when he found a bag containing what he at first thought was a coconut buried about six inches under a concrete slab.

"I ripped the bag. And I was ... like, 'Why would someone bury a coconut in a bag?' It looked like a coconut shell," he told WJXT.

But he soon realized that it was something quite different.

"You could actually see, like, the top of the eye socket," he said. "And it was like this part of the head, the top half of the head. I set it back in the hole."

Fraser quickly alerted authorities. The remains were positively identified as belonging to his mother, and a year later, his father was charged with her murder. In addition to Bonnie Haim's body, investigators found a spent shell casing that matched a rifle owned by her husband.

Opening statements in Michael Haim's murder trial were on Tuesday.

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