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Breaking: Judge doles out devastating decision in Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Trump


This is going to cost her bigtime

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A federal judge doled out a devastating decision against Stormy Daniels, the adult film worker, in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge James Otero ordered Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay the president $293,000 in legal fees.

In October, the judge had dismissed the lawsuit, which had asked for damages from the president from denying that he had made a hush payment to Clifford about their extramarital affair before the election.

Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, had said at the time that he was confident they would win a reversal on appeal.

In the meantime, he has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, a charge he completely denies. Clifford then claimed that he filed the lawsuit against the president without confirming the decision with her, and said she was considering firing him as her attorney.

On the other side, Michael Cohen, the attorney who formerly represented the president and provided the payment to Clifford, has been arrested by the FBI and admitted to violating campaign finance laws at the behest of the president.

In a recent filing, despite his cooperating with the government, prosecutors asked for significant prison time for the crimes he admitted to.

Trump had denied all allegations against him, and said that he has been completely exonerated.

"People are smarter than that"

Avenatti responded with characteristic denial that this was a defeat for his client.

"Trump and his attorney's attempt to fool the public about the importance of the attorneys' fees in the defamation case, which are a fraction of what they owe my client in the main NDA case, is an absolute joke," he tweeted.

"[Trump's personal attorney,] Charles Harder and Trump deserve each other because they are both dishonest," he added in a second tweet.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

"If Stormy has to pay $300k to Trump in the defamation case (which will never hold up on appeal) and Trump has to pay Stormy $1,500,000 in the NDA case (net $1,200,000 to Stormy), how is this a Trump win?" he asked.

He later deleted the tweet.

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