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DC stops requiring COVID-19 vaccination proof for patrons to enter businesses, but a city council member wants to resurrect the mandate

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District of Columbia Council Member Brianne K. Nadeau is displeased that a mandate requiring businesses to check patrons' vaccination status prior to entry has been dropped — but she says that she will push for the mandate to be reinstated.

Beginning on Tuesday, establishments are no longer required to confirm that patrons ages 12 and older have been vaccinated against COVID-19 — some indoor facilities such as restaurants and gyms had been required to prohibit the entry of customers 12 and older who had not received at least one shot, and that requirement had been slated to increase to "a full initial course of vaccination," according to the mayor's order.

Nadeau, a Democrat, wants the mandate to continue.

"As a CM, and a parent of 2 kids under 5, I am flabbergasted and angry. Why would we give up on vaccines when we have come this far? Why are we not protecting the workers in these industries? Why are we telling parents we don't care if they participate in society? I'm so F-ing mad," Nadeau tweeted on Monday.

"And ANOTHER THING. This will have a chilling impact on businesses. People who were going out and eating indoors BECAUSE of the mandate will not do that anymore. So if this was supposed to be a pro-business thing, y'all messed up. #$%#!" she declared in another tweet.

"I have drafted an emergency bill to reinstate the vaccine mandate. Stay tuned," Nadeau tweeted on Tuesday.

Nadeau also said that she would ask the chair of the DC Council to call a special session to tackle the issue.

"I plan on asking @ChmnMendelson to call a special session of the Council this week so we don't have to wait two weeks to act," she tweeted.

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