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Brown University researcher claims pro-Trump signs, American flags 'scare' and 'traumatize' black people


Oh for the love of it all

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Carycruz Bueno, a postdoctoral research associate at Brown University's Annenberg Institute, has gone viral after complaining that Trump 2020 flags — and even American flags — strike fear in the hearts of black people in America.

Bueno made the remarks on social media, where they soon went viral.

What are the details?

As highlighted by Campus Reform, Bueno — an economics researcher — said that she recently stayed at a Maine AirBnB that, very disconcertingly, had Trump signs in the yard.

Bueno added that AirBnB clearly "doesn't understand the trauma" black people experience in seeing such Trump signs.

Bueno described the experience — which she said left her "immediately scared" — she had when renting a property with her husband.

She explained that when she arrived at the rental — a privately owned property over which AirBnB has no control — she saw "Trump signs and other white nationalist symbols."

Bueno said that the display immediately made her "terrified and scared" for her life and her family's safety.

"Disappointed @airBnB doesn't understand the trauma of TRUMP signs on a @airbnb rental causes black person," she wrote, according to the outlet.

Bueno said she contacted AirBnB, but the company, predictably, said their hands were tied in the matter, as the residence is privately owned.

She then went on to blast the company for being "only words and no action" and called for a "greenbook version of AirBnB" so persons of color would not have to "pay to feel uncomfortable and scared."

Elsewhere during her Twitter rant, Bueno recalled the top five symbols that strike fear in the hearts of black people.

The list includes items such as KKK hoods and the Confederate flag, but also lists the American flag.

"[Y]es, this is a symbol used in many places to scare black people," she insisted.

What else?

In a statement, Brown University Students for Trump President Emma Rae Phillips told Campus Reform that she is "disappointed" in Bueno's remarks.

Phillips — an economics major — said that the researcher's tweets "do not seem to show much understanding of how free markets work."

Phillips added, "American flags and Trump signs are not racist in any way, shape, or form."

You can see the full list of Bueno's tweets below.

At the time of this reporting, Bueno's Twitter feed settings have been set to private.

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