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Wisconsin school board meeting descends into chaos when Black Lives Matter protesters chant and intimidate board members


Police had to come in and escort members out

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Black Lives Matter protesters succeeded in disrupting and shutting down a local school board meeting in Wisconsin after they angrily confronted board members over an anti-racist curriculum.

The chaos unfolded at a meeting of the Burlington Area School District Board of Education in Burlington.

The protesters were angry about racist comments made on social media against a fourth-grade teacher in the school district that had taught a lesson many thought was political propaganda related to the Black Lives Matter protests.

"I'm sick of each and every one of you being silent!" said one mother to the board after speaking about racism against her son.

Protesters were allowed to publicly comment for about an hour but when board members tried to move on to other topics, they began chanting, "Black Lives Matter!" and "Shut it down!"

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

In a video of the incident posted by The Journal Times, protesters can be seen screaming and yelling at other members of the audience and getting in the faces of the school board members. One can be heard mocking a school board member about President Donald Trump.

After police shut down the event and escorted the school board members out of the room, the protest continued outside. One man claimed that the police pushed him and a scuffle appeared to break out as others tried to hold him back from escalating the situation.

"Stop holding motherf***ers back! If that's what they want to do, let them do it! The f***?!" yelled one woman.

In another video from the event, Mike Ramczyk of the Burlington Standard Press reported that many of the protesters said that they were from Milwaukee and other communities outside of Burlington.

After the meeting, protesters encouraged each other to continue resisting racism through the use of the disruptive tactics employed at Karcher Middle School.

"We are non-violent, but we did not stay peaceful," said one protest speaker.

The Burlington School District serves about 3,100 students, with about 36% of those being minority students.

Here's a video from the fiery meeting:

Burlington Area School Board meeting gets shut down by demonstrators calling for anti-racismwww.youtube.com

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