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WATCH: Bus driver praised for leaving his seat, escorting passenger in wheelchair and two young boys across busy intersection


'You restored my faith in humanity!'

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Johnny Alvarez took notice when the driver of the bus he was riding last week in San Antonio got out of his seat to unbuckle a "disabled" passenger and help her exit the bus.

But just when he thought the driver — Mike — would get back onboard and continue his route, Alvarez saw something that brightened his day even more and inspired him to start recording video.

'He immediately took initiative'

"He immediately took initiative and decided to help the lady and her two young sons" cross the intersection, Alvarez noted on Facebook.

Traffic indeed was heavy last Friday morning, and the clip shows Mike pushing the woman in a wheelchair across two streets as the pair of young boys walk across with them. Alvarez said the driver helped them back up on a sidewalk where they waited for their next bus.

"Please help me share this video and make it go viral so we can help make this incredible guy Facebook famous. He deserves it!" Alvarez wrote in his post about the good deed. "Way to go Mike!"

'You restored my faith in humanity!'

"You restored my faith in humanity!" Alvarez tells the driver after he gets back on the bus and takes his seat, while thanking him numerous times.

"There's no need to thank me," Mike says.

VIA Metropolitan Transit, which runs San Antonio's buses, told KSAT they're happy about Mike's act of kindness as well and offered the following statement:

Thank you for your interest in our bus operator's display of outstanding service.

It is customary for operators who maintain this level of customer care to receive a letter of commendation from their supervisor. That's likely what will happen here.

We appreciate all our 1,100-plus VIA bus and van operators for their work in the community, every day.

Here's the video:

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