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California billionaire issues this challenge to Trump after he brands him a 'weirdo'


Now it's an official Twitter feud

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California billionaire Tom Steyer issued a challenge to President Donald Trump after he was mocked as a "weirdo" in one of the president's tweets because he's funding pro-impeachment ads.

The Twitter feud began when the president mocked Steyer, who has been running impeachment ads all over the country, in a tweet branding him as a "weirdo."

"Weirdo Tom Steyer doesn't have the 'guts' or money to run for President," the president tweeted. "He's all talk!"

Trump was referring to rumors that Steyer was considering running for president, and linked to a tweet from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) about a report that Steyer was targeting him with his ads.

Steyer responded to the president with a challenge about special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian election interference and alleged collusion with the Trump campaign.

Steyer tweeted, "been thinking about your tweet from last night. If you have the guts to meet with Mr. Mueller, I will stop running TV ads calling for your impeachment. I don't think you have the guts to come out from behind your lawyers."

Even the leadership of the Democratic Party have tried to temper the zeal of their members of Congress for impeachment, saying that they need to see the Mueller report first, and make a case before trying to unseat the president.

Here's Steyer making the case for impeachment:

Democratic billionaire and activist Tom Steyer says Trump should be impeachedwww.youtube.com

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), on the other hand, has opined that the impeachment of the president is "inevitable," but called the eventuality "terrifying" because of the consequences of such an act.

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