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Canadian liberal politician: Black people love Justin Trudeau more because he wanted to have a black face


Come again?

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A new take on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's blackface scandal has emerged — rather than being offended, the black people of Canada actually like Trudeau better because he wanted to have a black face.

That's the perspective of liberal Canadian politician Judy Sgro; and it's a perspective so strange and illogical that it would be hard to believe if it was not on video. Sgro, who is an MP running for reelection in Humber River-Black Creek, explained why Canadian black people love blackface during a Toronto radio interview.

First off, something that was done 20 years ago, to begin with…All of us were young at one time, and all of us sometimes made poor choices, and did things that may not be appropriate in today's world.

Let me tell you that, knocking on doors and being in the plazas and talking to people to make sure that I'm as sensitive as I need to be if I miss something. Those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister. That he wanted to have a black face. That he took great pride in that, too. And that it's the media that has blown this into something that it shouldn't be.

We don't know who these members of the black community are that Sgro has spoken to about the (at least) three times Trudeau put on blackface, but it appears likely that white people who wear blackface are not doing so because of their admiration for and pride in black and brown people.

Which is why Trudeau has spent weeks desperately apologizing to people for these pictures and videos, and why he even got called out for it by two young girls for it and had to apologize again on a Facebook show. Trudeau is hoping to be reelected later this month. Canadian election day is Oct. 21.

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Predictably, Sgro has since apologized for her comments, having apparently miraculously realized today that blackface is racist.

(H/T: The Post Millennial)

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