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Chinese officials warn regional outbreaks could trigger yet another wave in COVID-19 crisis. Maybe it's already happening.


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Chinese officials insist that they are concerned about another wave of the COVID-19 outbreak after more regional outbreaks across the country have taken place.

What are the details?

According to a Tuesday Daily Mail report, a spokesperson for the Chinese National Health Commission said that a new virus emergency is possible after more individual cases have reemerged across the country.

Mi Feng said that the country's health officials should be proactive in preventing a new surge of COVID-19 infections.

Feng, who pointed out that the number of Chinese patients in critical condition dropped under 200 for the first time since December — but still cautioned against the possibility of a further spread due to new "scattered, individual cases" across China.

The outlet reported that just last week, central China issued a new lockdown after three doctors came down with COVID-19 though they were asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis.

"Imported cases and asymptomatic patients, who show no symptoms but can still pass the virus on, have become China's chief concern after draconian containment measures succeeded in slashing the overall infection rate," the outlet noted.

According to Feng, all new cases were people returning to China after traveling abroad, and warned that this number of "imported cases" is overtaking the country's native cases.

The country's health commission reported at least 32 new cases in its latest update.

The Daily Mail notes that China has at least 1,242 confirmed coronavirus cases, at the time of this writing, as well as 1,033 asymptomatic cases that officials are continuing to monitor.

What about reports of massive dishonesty by the Chinese government?

In March, Glenn Beck detailed how China's Communist Party was dishonest with the world — and even its own people — from the beginning in an apparent attempt to cover up the dire news of COVID-19's spread.

A March study determined that if China had intervened "one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent, and 95 percent respectively," actions would have significantly limited the pandemic.

"Thousands are now dead all around the world. The global economy is at the brink of recession and possibly a depression by the third quarter," Beck said at the time. "All of this is China's fault. China lied, people died."

In late March, the South China Morning Post reported that the country had concealed at least 43,000 cases of COVID-19 because they were considered "silent carriers."

Last week, the U.S. intelligence community reported that China's government was intentionally downplaying the severity of the virus and vastly underreporting confirmed COVID-19 cases and subsequent deaths.

An intelligence briefing revealed that "China's public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete."

Dr. Deborah Birx, a leading health official on the U.S. coronavirus task force, said that the country's reporting directly impacted how the rest of the world responded to the COVID-19 outbreak — and not for the better.

A Wall Street Journal report last week noted that a top Chinese official said that the country was not reporting cases as it should have been, and did not count asymptomatic cases in its official toll.

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