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Chris Cuomo blasts those who put 'Christian' first in Twitter bios, says they 'tend to be the nastiest people I encounter here'


Earlier the CNN anchor mocked Republican US Sen. Marco Rubio for his Christian faith, saying 'Mr. Bible Boy' has a 'Bible quote for every moment'

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After mocking Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio for his Christian faith, saying on Monday that "Mr. Bible Boy" has a "Bible quote for every moment," CNN anchor Chris Cuomo doubled down on his disdain for those who profess their Christianity on Twitter.

What are the details?

"People who put 'Christian' first in their bio tend to be the nastiest people I encounter here," Cuomo tweeted early Wednesday morning. "I don't give a pass for being a member of my one gets a pass."

Cuomo's comment was in response to a Twitter user who told him — presumably in reaction to his attack on Rubio — "I use [sic] to like you, but now I will pray for you. You better get right with God instead of bad mouthing a Christian."

How did folks react?

Cuomo's newest attack has elicited plenty of responses on Twitter, and it appears the vast majority of users agree with him — and are adding their own barbs:

  • "Yep. Raised Catholic, and I walked away from that because of the constant cruelty and hypocrisy everywhere I looked. I'm a Christian but I don't feel the need to scream it from the rooftops," one person commented. "If you're a true Christian other people will see that in how you treat them."
  • "I tend to respect God and Christianity, but the fundamental thinkers, the alt right idiots, and the ultra evangelicals have to go," another user declared. "I've met Catholics who believe all Protestants are damned. What? Of all the good people, the crazy ultra religious types aren't it."
  • "I agree," another commenter said. "The worst things that have been said to me (you're Satan. You should happy we had slavery, otherwise you'd be crawling around on all 4s in Africa. Go back to where you come from) have all been from 'Christians.'"
  • "People who are screaming they are Christian are most likely to be less tolerant to others ... they don't want gay people to marry or have kids, they don't want mothers to have an abortion, they don't like other religions," another user said. "But those are the screamers, not the Christians."

But not every commenter agreed with Cuomo:

  • "Serious question, what traits do you exhibit that could possibly make someone believe (even you) that you're a Christian?" another user asked Cuomo. "Abortion supporter, foul-mouthed, egotistical, liar, etc.?"
  • "If you were a Christian guy you wouldn't act the way you do. So why are people surprised with anything you do," another commenter said. "You get a pass for being a hateful bitch. You are a big problem and someone needs to put you in check. Maybe it will be the big guy up stairs. Hopefully. God Speed."

Not the first time

Cuomo has invoked his views on Christianity to advance his points in the past. A little over a year ago, Cuomo said those who call themselves Christians can't support the "ugliness" the President Donald Trump "spits out."

But believe it or not, after the 2015 San Bernardino mass killing — which was tied to Islamic terror — Cuomo appeared to defend Christians: "Are all Muslims bad when Muslims do something bad? No. But at the same time, when you analogize it to — you know, a guy who might be a Christian and does something, you don't see Christians killing in the name of Christianity the way you do with Muslims right now. And it feeds a lot of the phobia, and it's something that requires discussion and time and context. And that's in short supply when people are angry."

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