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Chuck Todd leaving 'Meet the Press,' to be replaced by Kristen Welker

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Chuck Todd announced that he is leaving "Meet the Press" after hosting the Sunday morning political interview show for nine years. Within the coming months, Todd will be replaced by Kristen Welker.

Todd, 51, told viewers on Sunday, "It's been an amazing nearly decade-long run. I am really proud of what this team and I have built over the last decade. I've loved so much of this job, helping to explain America to Washington and explain Washington to America."

He continued, "When I took over ‘Meet the Press,’ it was a Sunday show that had a lot of people questioning whether it still could have a place in the modern media space. Well, I think we’ve answered that question and then some."

Todd addressed his critics by saying, "If you do this job seeking popularity, you are doing this job incorrectly. I'll take the attacks from partisans as compliments. And I take the genuine compliments with a grain of salt when they come from partisans."

Todd alleged, "I leave feeling concerned about this moment in history but reassured by the standards we’ve set here. We didn’t tolerate propagandists, and this network and program never will."

"If you ignore reality, you'll miss the big story," he said.

He stated that being a real political journalist "isn't about building a brand." But rather about "reporting what's happening and explaining why its' happening, and letting the public absorb the facts."

"But the key to the survival of any of these incredible media entities, including here at 'Meet the Press,' is for leaders not to overstay their welcome," he said. " I'd rather leave a little bit too soon than stay a tad bit too long."

Todd claimed that he let "work consume him for 30 years."

"I've watched too many friends and family let work consume them before it was too late," Todd stated. "I promised my family I wouldn't do that."

He said he "already had plans for his next chapter."

Todd said he would remain at NBC in a new role as a chief political analyst and focus on long-form journalism.

Todd said he has "so much confidence" in his replacement – Kristen Welker. He added that Welker is "the right person," and has been "ready for this for a long time."

Todd did not give a specific date of his last show, but said this would be his last summer at "Meet the Press." He also said that Welker would replace him in September.

Welker is a former chief White House correspondent, and has worked at NBC News since 2011. Welker has been Todd's chief fill-in at "Meet the Press" for the past three years.

Welker, 46, moderated the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2020.

"Meet the Press" has aired since 1947, and is the longest-running show on American television.

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