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Civil rights leader blasts Biden and Harris: 'Progressives have hijacked the rich legacy of the civil rights movement'

Image source: Fox News screenshot

Civil rights leader Bob Woodson railed against progressives who he accused of "hijacking" the 1960s movement that he was heavily involved in and helped coordinate national and local community revitalization programs.

"The Ingraham Angle" guest host Raymond Arroyo kicked off the interview by playing a video clip of Vice President Kamala Harris speaking with actress and Democratic activist Kerry Washington.

Speaking about the Democrats' voting rights legislation that flopped, Harris said, "How can we talk to other countries about human rights – autocracies – if we in our own country see an erosion of rights that have been invested in the American people?”

Woodson, 84, commented on how progressives — including the Biden administration — have used voting rights to attempt to appeal to black voters by marketing it as a civil rights issue.

"It's part of the whole process that progressives have hijacked the rich legacy of the civil rights movement and really using it as a bludgeon against the country," Woodson stated.

"And as long as they can keep black America in a constant state of agitation, anger and resentment, it means they can easily control them. In other words, they're willing to sacrifice black bodies for black votes, even as they hijack the civil rights movement," said the civil rights leader and founder of the Woodson Center, an organization self-described as having a mission to "empower community-based leaders to promote solutions that reduce crime and violence, restore families, revitalize underserved communities, and assist in the creation of economic enterprise."

"The biggest voter suppression is apathy," Woodson continued. "In many of our cities like Washington, D.C., in mayoral elections and others, the turnout is under 6% in high crime areas because they live in a banana republic."

"They're talking about voting rights as the most important issue to black America," he said. "That's not true. It may be for some elites who profit from it, but every five minutes of every day a child is shot in America, and four times that number of those children are black."

"I know one woman who lost all four of her sons to homicide before the age of 30; that's the crisis facing low-income black America, it is not voting rights," he added.

"Some of these same murders are occurring in cities that have been run by black politicians over the past 50 years," Woodson explained. "If racism were the sole culprit, then why are blacks failing in institutions run by their own people? Why are they failing in political systems where all the control is in the hands of black politicians?"

"So the way you can avoid having to address this dilemma — what I call the 'enemy within the black community' — is what we must address," Woodson concluded. "And concentrating on voting rights is a deflection away from that reality and prevents us from coming up with solutions that the Woodson Center has been promoting and will continue to promote. Restoration from within the community suffering from the problem."



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