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Civilian apprehends possible murder suspect after joining police chase — then gets arrested for impersonating an officer


He held the suspect at gunpoint until police caught up

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A North Carolina man saw a police chase in progress as officers pursued a murder suspect, so he decided to jump in and help. After he successfully apprehended the suspect, however, the civilian was arrested for impersonating police, according to WITN-TV.

David Adams of Wilson, North Carolina, was arrested Wednesday for intervening in the police pursuit that occurred the night of Oct. 5. Police officers pulled over a vehicle they believed may have contained a murder suspect outside a grocery store.

The vehicle took off as police approached, leading to a chase that went for about two miles before Adams, driving a black Ford Taurus equipped with blue lights, sped into the scene and cornered the fleeing vehicle.

Adams, who is not a police officer, successfully stopped the car and forced the driver out of the vehicle at gunpoint. Adams didn't stop there — he also handcuffed and searched the driver.

Police had no idea who this armed person was who was arresting a potential murder suspect, so they ordered him to stop what he was doing. He did not speak with officers at the scene, and instead left freely before being arrested a month later on the charge of impersonating a police officer.

Adams' motive for joining the chase, and his background, is unknown at this time. However, his efforts were a success — all five of the people in the car he stopped were arrested on drug or other minor charges, and one of them is the brother of the primary suspect police were searching for.

Adams was released on $1,500 unsecured bond.

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