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CNBC anchor torched on social media for his attempt to downplay inflation

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CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla faced social media backlash after he posted global inflation rates in an attempt to contradict those blaming the Biden administration for high inflation.

"For the next time someone tells you that US inflation is somehow unique, special or anyone's fault," tweeted Quintanilla.

The list showed that many countries across the world have seen high inflation as well, and a few were experiencing worse inflation than the United States. Among those were Mexico with 7.8%, Russia with 8.4%, Brazil with 10.7%, Turkey with 21.3%, Argentina with 52.1%, and Venezuela with an astonishing 1,575% inflation.

Ironically, President Joe Biden has already conceded that some of the payments sent out from his administration have led to worse inflation.

Many on social media saw the list as unpersuasive and they assailed Quintanilla for attempting to make the argument.

"No one has claimed it is unique, but specific policies have impacts and our policies have made things worse relative to other first world countries and we are currently considering trillions more in deficit spending," responded one critic.

"This data shows that U.S. inflation is ~60% higher than the median—and this is a *defense* of President Biden's disastrous record?" asked Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

"I had no idea our inflation rivals only that of Mexico, Russia, and Venezuela. Great find, Carl!" replied Natalie Johnson, a Republican spokesperson.

"Don't blame yourself for this Carl, blame the school system that never taught you how to read data," responded commentator Lauren Chen.

Many on the left have reflexively attacked anyone who might blame Biden for the pain high inflation is inflicting on Americans. In another social media incident, liberals online excoriated CNN over a report that showed increased grocery prices were hurting working class families.

Quintanilla is married to a former television producer and lives in a $3.32 million home in the Hamptons.

Here's more about inflation hurting regular Americans:

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