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CNN says DNC chair Tom Perez has gone 'bananas' — here's what he's doing


Didn't they say they won the midterms?

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CNN anchor Brianna Keilar said that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has gone 'bananas" against members of his own party.

Keilar was discussing Perez with Robby Mook, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run.

"The DNC chair, Tom Perez, he wants voter data, right, from Democrats in the states," she said. "He's trying to build this big, for-profit database."

"This is a big deal, you know, that he's trying to do this, but he kind of went pretty bananas on these state Democrats," she explained, "threatening to cut them off from using DNC resources that are basically just from the DNC that they lend out, like organizing tools, campaign tech tools, tools that actually in the hands of state Democrats would favor the party nationally."

"What do you make of this?" she asked Mook.

Mook explained that the data arrangement for Democrats was complex, but Keiler continued to comment on Perez's tough tactics.

"But let's boil it down to this," she interjected, "yes, and he needs the data, but they're basically saying he's being a jerk about it. It's not like he's appealing to them. He's threatening to yank stuff from them."

"He's to the point of — he's not carrots, he's sticks right now," she concluded.

Here's the video of Keilar on Perez:

Many Democrats are patting themselves on the back after regaining the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, while the president and his allies point to the gains made by Republicans in the Senate.

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