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College students report professor to school officials for allowing fellow students to say only women have abortions


So men can have abortions?

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An Iowa State University professor was reported to school officials for permitting students to say that only women can have abortions.

What are the details?

A recent discussion on women's issues in an Iowa State University classroom turned ugly when an unnamed professor permitted students in the class to address abortion from a purely scientific and biological standpoint.

At least one student took offense to the fact that only women can have abortions and reported the teacher to administration via an online "Campus Climate" portal, stating that the conversation was offensive to the transgender community.

The student, according to The College Fix, complained that abortion and birth control being only women's issues "erases trans men and people who are non-binary who get abortions and/or use birth control."

The student complained that during the class discussion, the teacher wasn't inclusive enough in a response to the students, and by omission, permitted the students to carry on believing that only women can have abortions.

What else?

A university spokesperson told the outlet that the online portal is "shared with campus partners who follow normal protocols for their unit."

"Reports through the website are referred to the appropriate partner who will determine what, if any, next steps will be taken by their administrative unit," the spokesperson added.

The purpose of the portal is to encourage students to report any incidents on campus that make them feel uncomfortable.

A flyer for the program explains that the ISU Campus Climate Response Team "[collects] information on reports of bias across campus," "[provides] support for those who report being impacted by hate, intolerance, or bias on campus," "[encourages] constructive dialogue and facilitate conversations amongst those involved," "[analyzes] trend data to effectively target education and awareness," "[supports] a culture of civility and respect," and "[shares] information with administrative unit partners who may determine that an investigation by their unit is warranted."

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