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Colorado mom loads injured bobcat into her car — inches from her child


Officials are warning the public not to make the same mistake

Image source: KCNC-TV video screenshot

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say one Colorado Springs woman should be thanking her lucky stars, after she loaded an injured bobcat into her vehicle and left it unrestrained next to her child.

What are the details?

CPW took to Twitter with a picture of the predator, saying, "See this bobcat? Notice its large teeth? Imagine the claws within its big paws. A #ColoradoSprings woman picked up this injured wild cat and put it in her car where her child was seated! NEVER PICK UP WILD ANIMALS. She was lucky."

The Gazette reported that "the bobcat was mortally wounded at the time and, luckily for the child, too injured to react to being put in the car." The age of the child has not been released, but officials said the situation "could have been tragic."

The cat was frisky enough to hiss, growl and attempt to use its claws when approached by a state official, according to WYFF-TV. The bobcat was euthanized because its rear legs were paralyzed.

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