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Columbia University professor complains that the American flag is a 'symbol of genocide'


Anti-capitalist social warrior

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A Columbia University adjunct lecturer insists that the American flag is a hateful symbol of genocide.

What are the details?

Professor Anthony Zenkus of the university's school of social work, responded to a tweet that said the hammer and sickle "is a symbol of genocide."

Zenkus tweeted, "The American Flag is a symbol of genocide. Unless centuries of slavery and the vanquishing of Native American nations doesn't figure into your equation."

The original user's tweet said, "[T]he hammer and sickle is a symbol of genocide. What you gonna admire next, the swastika?"

What else?

According to Campus Reform, the Al Gore-trained professor's faculty profile reveals that he is an "activist on issues of racial justice, income equality, and climate justice." Zenkus has also reportedly been an organizer with Occupy Wall Street.

Common Dreams reports that Zenkus is also a licensed social worker and social work educator who "trains judges, law enforcement, medical professionals, and educators on sexual violence and trauma."

The organization also reports that Zenkus has taught at Adelphi University.

In 2018, a user on Rate My Professors said that Zenkus seemed more like a social justice warrior than a social worker.

The anonymous user wrote, "Prof. Zenkus is clearly passionate about what he does, but he comes off as more of a social justice warrior than a social worker. He is very idealistic and shares his personal view very openly. Check out his Twitter and you'll see what I mean. He is very intelligent and I did enjoy taking his class, so at least there is that."

Turning Point USA's Professor Watchlist also describes Zenkus as director of education for The Safe who made the organization's list after "responding to a conservative journalists [sic] comment" about an apparently pro-capitalism CNN tweet.

"Zenkus responded to the pro-capitalism tweet sent by the journalist by saying, 'Odd how you forget the millions who died under #capitalism. The two world wars, centuries of slavery, and the genocide of native americans [sic]. Bet they didn't think that was cool either,'" the organization noted.

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