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Conservative actress Kristy Swanson asks for prayer, says she's hospitalized with COVID-related pneumonia. And prominent leftists just can't hide their hate.

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If nothing else, leftists are pretty much a lock for giving voice to their hatred whenever a conservative isn't doing so well.

We saw their viciousness after radio icon Rush Limbaugh announced he had cancer in February 2020 — and then again after he died a year later. There are many examples; it's as if lack of compassion for those with whom they disagree is embedded in leftists' physiological makeup or something.

So if you're a well-known conservative who's fallen ill and leftists find out, don't expect much in the way of encouragement — your best hope is not catching wind of too much of their mockery, or you might feel worse.

What now?

We're seeing it again now that conservative actress Kristy Swanson tweeted a prayer request Monday saying she's hospitalized and on oxygen due to pneumonia from COVID-19:

"I'm in good spirits and in great hands," the 51-year-old added.

What did prominent leftists have to say?

Swanson — known the world over for her her starring role in the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie — received her share of well wishes, but like flies on a birthday cake, prominent leftists were all over her tweet and spewing hate and mockery per usual:

  • First up is author Brian O'Sullivan: "Anti-vaxxers like Kristy Swanson always praise doctors/nurses when committed to the hospital. I'm not buying it for once [sic] second. If they really gave a s**t about them, they'd have got the vaccine in the first place."
  • Then we have this reaction from Occupy Democrats executive editor Grant Stern: "Praying for Kristy Swanson to recover from her ignorance of science, and Covid."
  • "Anti-Vaxxer Kristy Swanson is in the hospital with Covid. I'm making lasagna for dinner," tweeted Yesha Callahan, a screenwriter and former deputy editor at the Root.
  • "Kristy Swanson has Covid, and it's the first time in 37 years producers and actors are reaching out to her to see how she is," writer and artist Tony Posnanski tweeted. (And not to give Posnanski too much attention, but when Limbaugh died he compared the late radio host to Hitler. The things some leftists do for brownshirt points, eh?)
  • "Notorious MAGA and Anti Vaxxer Kristy Swanson is in the hospital with COVID-related pneumonia. She is in the hospital because of her ignorance and selfishness. PERIOD!" New York City-based activist Tom D'Angora tweeted. "My heart goes out to the hospital staff."
  • "Kristy Swanson has been terrible for a really long time," writer Tara Dublin tweeted, along with a "karma" hashtag.
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