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Cop accused of filming 'extremely graphic' pornography while in uniform, then posting the videos to Twitter

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A cop in Phoenix, Arizona, is currently under fire after local news reports suggested he has been making pornographic videos and then sharing those videos on social media.

On Monday, Phoenix police confirmed that Officer Christian Goggans, 30, was already under internal investigation for "unrelated and non-disciplinary reasons" when local news reports began to surface that he has been participating in amateur pornographic films, sometimes while in uniform and on the clock.

According to KTVK, Goggans, who is originally from Ohio, began filming the X-rated videos back in 2019, about a year before he was hired by the police force. Since then, he has allegedly been shuttling back and forth between Phoenix and Las Vegas to make the videos and then posting them on Twitter under the pseudonym "Rico Blaze."

The Twitter account @Ricoblazex, the name reportedly affiliated with Goggans, has since been made private, so any content shared on that account can be viewed only with the approval of the account owner. However, KTVK claimed that the videos previously shared publicly on that account were "extremely graphic." A personal description — which is publicly available — given on the account reads in part, "I create Art & my [eggplant emoji] is the pen." In social media parlance, the eggplant emoji is often used as a substitute for the male anatomy.

When KTVK reporter Briana Whitney attempted to make contact with Goggans at his home, she received no answer. When she attempted to contact Goggans via phone, the man who answered ultimately denied that he was Goggans.

Phoenix officer was making, uploading porn while working from home, sources sayyoutu.be

In its statement, Phoenix PD confirmed only that "there is an open internal investigation underway involving Officer Goggans. Officer Goggans was on home assignment prior to the start of the investigation for unrelated and non-disciplinary reasons." The reasons that Goggans was placed on "home assignment" remain unclear. The department stated that officers on home assignment are required to call in once a day.

KTVK reiterated that Goggans is not suspected of filming any pornographic videos featuring minors, so the accusations against Goggans are not necessarily criminal in nature. However, Phoenix police policy forbids any officer behavior which would "discredit" the department, KTVK reported.

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