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Crook throws dumbbell through glass door — even after homeowner warns him he's armed. Crook should have sheltered in place this night.


'These hoodlums make me sick,' county sheriff says

Image source: Putnam County (Georgia) Sheriff's office

It was quite the night for Hunter Layne Harrison.

Things started out eerily around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when a homeowner in Putnam County, Georgia, called 911 saying a man armed with a knife was up a tree making a disturbance, WGXA-TV reported, citing County Sheriff Howard Sills.

What happened next?

Deputies headed to the home, but on their way to the scene a second alert came in — from the first caller's next-door neighbors who said the man was trying to break into their home, the station noted.

Harrison, identified as the suspect, picked up a concrete landscaping border brick and threw it through a locked glass door that led to an enclosed porch, Sills told WGXA.

After getting to the porch, Harrison beat on the french glass door to the home, and the 28-year-old was screaming to be let in, the station said. But the homeowner hollered back that he was armed, and Harrison needed to leave, WGXA said.

Oh, you and your old gun!

Apparently unmoved at the prospect of being filled with lead, Harrison picked up a dumbbell on the porch, threw it through the glass door, and entered the home, Sills told the station.

Promises kept

As you might guess, the homeowner wasn't kidding. He fired his .45 semiautomatic, shooting the suspect once in the arm, WGXA said. Harrison fell to the kitchen floor, and the homeowner held him until deputies arrived, the station said.

After deputies made it to the house, they sent the homeowner, his wife, and their child to a bedroom to wait out the situation, WGXA said.

Fella's got gumption

When the deputies tried handcuffing Harrison, he battled with the deputies and splattered blood across the kitchen before breaking free, cursing out the officers, and running toward a door he believed was an exit, Sills told the station.

But not a lot of smarts

However, the sheriff told WGXA that Harrison — not realizing the home was under construction — exited a door that no longer led to a back deck.

With that, he fell nine feet to the ground where deputies finally arrested him, the station said.

Not that Harrison was ready to give up just yet, believe it or not.

Officers had to use pepper spray to subdue the suspect and keep his feet shackled to prevent him from running off, the station said, adding that he continued to fight deputies when he was being taken to an ambulance that had arrived at the house.

Harrison underwent surgery to remove a bullet from his arm, WGXA said, and once he's released he'll be booked.

'These hoodlums make me sick'

"These hoodlums make me sick," Sills told the station in the aftermath. "He's got a 20-page raps sheet, and he's over at the hospital taking up a bed where someone more important who might have coronavirus might need it."

The sheriff added to WGXA that he has warrants to charge Harrison with home invasion, first-degree burglary, three counts of felony obstruction, and one count of disorderly conduct.

Sills also told the station that Harrison at the time of the incident was on probation for a 2014 burglary in Putnam County, damaging government property in Putnam County two years later, and driving with a suspended license and giving a false name to law enforcement in Greene County in 2018.

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