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VIDEO: Google rep squirms under intense questioning by Ted Cruz on anti-conservative 'political bias'
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VIDEO: Google rep squirms under intense questioning by Ted Cruz on anti-conservative 'political bias'

"These documents raise very serious questions about political bias..."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) grilled a Google executive over a Project Veritas report that showed evidence of political bias at the company against conservatives and President Donald Trump.

Cruz was questioning Maggie Stanphill, the Director of Google User Experience on Tuesday at a Senate committee hearing.

"A lot of Americans have concerns that big tech media companies and Google in particular are engaged in political censorship and bias," began Cruz.

He explained that Google benefitted from legal protection because they were considered a "neutral public forum." He cited the leak of internal Powerpoint documents from Google that showed a potential problem of political bias.

A video in the report showed the head of Responsible Innovation for Google opining that the proposal by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to break up the company would make it tougher to prevent "the next Trump situation."

"Do you think it's Google's job to 'prevent the next Trump situation'?" Cruz asked Stanphill.

"I don't agree with that," she responded, "no sir."

Cruz continued by citing the comments from a whistleblower with knowledge of the Google algorithm saying the company is "bent on never letting somebody like Trump come to power again."

"Do you think it's Google's job to make sure that somebody like Donald Trump doesn't come to power ever again?" he asked.

"No, sir, I don't think that's Google's job," Stanphil responded, "and we build for everyone, including every single religious belief, every single demographic, every single region, and certainly, every political affiliation."

"Well, I have to say that certainly does not appear to be the case," replied Cruz, who then questioned her about whether she knew any senior executives for Google voted for Trump in 2016.

She could not answer that she knew any senior executive voted for Trump, but responded that she did not know everyone's political affiliation. Cruz countered by pointing out that the public record showed that Google employees gave $1.315 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign, while giving zero to the Trump campaign.

Cruz also asked her to comment on reports that Google was structured so that someone searching for conservative commentators would be recommended liberal sources of news, and not other conservative commentators.

Stanphill responded that such a question was not within her purview but that she would take it back to her team to respond at a later time.

"I think these documents raise very serious questions about political bias at the company," Cruz concluded.

Here's the video of the Cruz questioning:

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorshipwww.youtube.com

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