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Two Dallas officers injured in shooting after suspect hijacks bus. Police chase ends with gunman dead.


The gunman was shooting at officers during the police chase.

Image source: Twitter/@arizona_nathan video screenshot

Two officers were wounded after an armed individual reportedly hijacked a Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus Sunday. The unidentified gunman led a police chase through several cities in North Texas while shooting at them. The suspect was eventually brought down by police.

A person boarded a DART bus around 11 a.m. on Sunday in Richardson, Texas. Once onboard, the gunman began shooting out the windows with a rifle. The suspect ordered the bus driver to drive.

Officers from the Garland Police Department chased the bus through Garland, Texas, then into the towns of Rowlett, Rockwall, and back to Rowlett, according to the Dallas Morning News. Police cruisers from the other cities joined the pursuit of the hijacked bus. Dozens of police cruisers, as well as SWAT vehicles, chased the bus.

Garland police spokesman Lt. Pedro Barineau said gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and police officers. Rowlett police spokesman Cruz Hernandez said the suspect leaned out the window and fired at cops chasing the bus.

"His patrol unit's front window was shot out when the suspect shot at officers through the bus window," a Rowlett police spokesperson said. Two police officers were injured during the pursuit of the shooter.

The police chase ended on the President George Bush Turnpike shortly before noon, Hernandez said. Officials said the police used spikes to flatten the tires, which forced the bus to ride on the rims, and eventually slowed the bus to a halt.

The shooter was taken to the hospital, but died. DART spokesman Gordon Shattles confirmed that the suspect was dead, but did not provide any details of the shooter or how they died.

According to officials, a DART officer was wounded in the leg, and a Rowlett officer was also hurt. Neither injuries are said to be life-threatening.

There was reportedly one other passenger on the bus, officials told WFAA. Authorities did not say if the shooter and passenger were connected. The passenger was not injured.

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