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CNN's Dana Bash decries 'cancel culture B.S.' after social media melts down over her response to Trump video


"What's this dumb a** Dana Bash talking about?"

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

CNN's Dana Bash faced an outpouring of outrage from the network's viewers on social media after she merely pointed out that the president appeared to have a different tone in a video statement he posted to Twitter.

Bash made the comments on Thursday a day after chaos erupted at the U.S. Capitol when supporters of the president attempted to forcefully stop Congress from verifying the election results. CNN anchor Erin Burnett asked Bash to respond to the video the president posted where he scolded the rioters.

"This is though very different from what he said yesterday," Burnett said. "So Dana, what's your reaction to this, as we hear it now?"

"Well," responded Bash, "it is obviously a very different tone."

"Yes," agreed Burnett.

Many viewers turned to social media to express their outrage at Bash for pointing out the different tone from the president.

"I don't f***ing believe it but @DanaBashCNN just said Trump is showing "a new tone" I'm not f***ing kidding," tweeted Matt Negrin, a producer for "The Daily Show."

He posted a short video of the comments to his Twitter account.

"In the most generous interpretation of this, Dana didn't have a good analysis and just had to say something to fill the air. @DanaBashCNN you should apologize this is absolutely f***ing nuts. Trump incited a mob that killed people," he added.

Others jumped in to attack Bash for her comment.

"Dana Bash said he struck a very different tone. F*** her," said one commenter.

"A different tone? What's this dumb a** Dana Bash talking about? His spray tan tone????? F*** outta here," said another Twitter user.

"Dana Bash went back to talking about Trump's new tone. I wish I was joking. I wish I was joking," tweeted Adam Parkhomenko, a Democratic strategist and consultant.

Bash tried to explain herself, which solicited even more online abuse.

"I almost never respond such things - but your attack on me tonight was totally out of bounds and out of context. What the president said was different. I didn't defend it. I explained it. With reporting. I also called out his lies in the video," Bash tweeted.

"These times are hard enough," she added. "Engaging in cancel culture B.S. has got to stop — especially when it comes to journalists putting facts first. Enough."

Matt Doric, a CNN communications director, also defended Bash while criticizing Parkhomenko.

"This is such a cheap shot. And such willfully ignorant BS. It's even cheaper bc you didn't have the guts to tag her," he tweeted.

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