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'Hell, if you're that bad of a shot you're safer with a baseball bat': David Hogg argues that gun owners shouldn't need more than 10 rounds per magazine
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'Hell, if you're that bad of a shot you're safer with a baseball bat': David Hogg argues that gun owners shouldn't need more than 10 rounds per magazine

Gun control activist David Hogg has suggested that 10 rounds per magazine should be sufficient for gun owners.

"If you need more than 10 rounds to hit something you need more range time or you need glasses, not a larger magazine. Hell, if you're that bad of a shot you're safer with a baseball bat because a gun will probably be turned on you. Especially if you are shooting a rifle and you can't hit what you are aiming for in 10 rounds you need to check your sights, check your eye dominance, and/or improve trigger pull. 30 round mags are for two two [sic] things, war and people who don't know how to shoot," Hogg tweeted.

Hogg shared a photo of how he had performed when shooting at a target.

"Even with zero training I could shoot a pretty tight grouping at 20 yards. Just look. You don't need 30 round mags. If you can't stop whatever you need to with 10 7.62 rounds. You got bigger problems," he wrote. "I did this well with zero experience shooting semi auto rifles. Surely you can be a better shot than David Hogg," he noted. Hogg also said that he had been on a college shooting team and that he participates in skeet shooting.

People pushed back against the suggestion that 10-round magazines should be sufficient.

"What if there's multiple assailants? What if they have armor on? The adrenaline running thru your body will cause your fine motor skills to become less effective. Shooting a paper target with all the time in the world and no bullets whizzing past you or striking you, are totally different things. But you are a Harvard grad, so you must be intellectually superior," one person wrote.

"What if there are multiple somethings? Sit down. You don't know what you’re talking about. Not all self defense scenarios are 1v1," someone else wrote.

Hogg said that if someone was being attacked by more than 10 assailants they could reload, but if they're facing that many hostiles they "have bigger problems."

"It's crazy to me the main arguments I have seen against banning magazines with more than 10 rounds are: 1. What if there are more than 10 people you need to defend yourself from. To that I would say you can reload and also if you got more that 10 people coming for you have bigger problems. 2. People want high capacity magazines to fight a hypothetical tyrannical government. (So they want these magazines to kill government officials and law enforcement that's also known as treason) 3. Freedom- that they don't care if there's little justified reason to own a magazine with more than 10 rounds and that it’s the choice of mass shooters- it's their right," Hogg tweeted.

Hogg was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 in Parkland, Florida, when a shooter perpetrated an attack there.

"Meanwhile out here in reality," Hogg continued, "Magazines with more that 10 rounds are the choice of mass shooters because it enables them to keep killing people with out needing to reload as much. If the shooter at my high school had a smaller magazine it's more likely a by stander could have stopped him as he was reloading. But instead the Florida state government believes his 'right' to a high capacity magazine as a 19 year old is worth more than keeping kids safe in school," he wrote.

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