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Democrat wears 'batgirl' costume to impeachment vote, and social media erupts with ridicule


And there's very funny video

Image Source: @RepKatiePorter Twitter screenshot

Democratic Rep. Katie Porter of California wore a batgirl costume to Congress on Halloween, but many of her detractors took to social media to ridicule her for the silly stunt.

The National Republican Congressional Committee posted pictures of Porter with the criticism that it showed how Democrats were not taking the impeachment vote seriously.

"As House Democrats prepare to officially blow up their Majority with impeachment, @RepKatiePorter is prancing around dressed as Batman," they tweeted.

"This is how seriously these clowns are taking impeachment," they added.

When confronted with the statement from the NRCC, Porter responded, "Batgirl. It's not Batman. It's Batgirl."

She followed up with her own tweet, tying her costume to her role as a mother.

"Taking my work in Congress seriously doesn't mean I take *myself* too seriously. To my kids Luke, Paul, and Betsy, I'm still just Mom—seeing the Bat Signal on Halloween & putting on a goofy costume come with the territory," she tweeted.

Others derided the costume and Porter.

The impeachment inquiry vote passed 232 to 196, with not one single Republican vote in favor of the resolution.

Here's more about the impeachment vote:

Top GOP lawmakers speak after House passes impeachment inquiry resolutionwww.youtube.com

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