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Democratic congresswoman describes notoriously violent Antifa leftists as 'peaceful protesters'


'Portland is a progressive city. They want to ensure that they keep their city moving forward'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Democratic U.S. Rep. Debra Haaland called the notoriously violent Antifa group "peaceful protesters" in an interview with CNN over the weekend — and the masked leftists were caught on video on the attack yet again Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

CNN host Ana Cabrera read a tweet from President Donald Trump saying "major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an 'ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.' Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the mayor will be able to properly do his job!"

Cabrera then asked Haaland — a freshman congresswoman from New Mexico — for her reaction to Trump's tweet.

'Peaceful protesters'

"This is on par with what the president does. He sides with the white supremacists, he sides with the white nationalists, with the domestic terrorists in our country," Haaland replied. "He's incited violence against people of color. Portland is a progressive city. They want to ensure that they keep their city moving forward."

She added: "It's not surprising that Trump would side away from the folks who are the peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism. Just not surprised at all that the president sides with the white nationalists. That's been his mode of operation since before he was elected president."

Rep. Haaland: Antifa Are 'Peaceful Protesters' Trying To 'Safeguard Their City'youtu.be

What happened in Portland?

More than a dozen people were arrested in Portland amid an "End Domestic Terrorism" rally Saturday sponsored by those opposed to leftist violence. The Associated Press said that even after most of the crowds dispersed, there were tense skirmishes mostly with Antifa protesters trying to find right-wing rally attendees.

From Julio Rosas of the Washington Examiner:

Here's another clip of Antifa on the attack:

Antifa Attacks Bus Of Proud Boys In Portlandyoutu.be

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