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Democratic Rep. who decried Trump's 'political terrorism' has a stunning statement about the wall


And she wants other Democrats to follow her lead

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Democratic Rep. Katie Hill from California made headlines for calling President Donald Trump's tactics "political terrorism," but just days later she signaled that she would open to a deal on the president's demand some kind of a border "barrier."

While acknowledging that she still believed it would be inefficient to build a continuous concrete wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Hill said she would sign on to a bill containing significant funds for a barrier.

"I come from a Republican family," Hill told CNN's Poppy Harlow, "a law enforcement family, we understand the need for border security. 95 percent of the drugs coming into our country come through legal ports of entry, so we need to be addressing that."

"Call it steel slats, then if you will, OK," asked Harlow, "in areas where there aren't natural barriers, call it what you want, will you as a Democrat vote for any funding for that?"

"I think," Hill replied, "that I am definitely someone who will vote for a comprehensive border security package that includes immigration reform, so..."

"Congresswoman," Harlow interrupted, "I just want a really straight answer here — will you vote for any money for a steel barrier?"

"I mean, I will definitely, I don't know if it's steel, I will vote for some money for physical barriers," Hill responded.

"It's not gonna be across the entire 2,000 mile stretch," she added, "and it's certainly not gonna be a concrete wall, but it will be a part of a package, I can almost bet on it."

Hill was much less measured on Thursday when she called Trump's tactics in negotiating for his wall "political terrorism."

Here's the video of Hill's concession to Trump:

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