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Man de-transitions, says transgender surgery should be banned: 'The surgery destroyed my life'

Images via Oli London / Daniel Black / Twitter

A 23-year-old man is publicly de-transitioning and condemning transgender procedures after receiving hormone replacement therapy and a sex-change surgery. The man said that the surgery destroyed his life and that he hopes those types of procedures will one day be banned.

Daniel Black said that he was given hormonal treatments at 17 years old after just a 30-minute consultation during which he also planned to surgically remove his penis, according to the Daily Mail.

At 19, Black had a surgery to remove his penis and later would get breast implants and have his chest muscles reconstructed.

"My life changed in 2019 when my doctors told me that the best way to go is to get my genitals operated," Black wrote on Twitter. "They created a 'neovagina' and removed my testicles. The whole experience was horrible and exhausting. I was not able to finish school and my mental state went from bad to worse. I don’t recommend undergoing this surgery to anyone. It’s mutilation. Men will never be women. Women will never be men," he added.

When he was a boy, Black said that bullies made him doubt his sexual orientation and masculinity, which contributed to his decision. But just a few years later, the man said complications from the surgery are among some of his biggest regrets.

"The surgery destroyed my life," he told the Daily Mail. "I cannot orgasm, have children or lead a normal sex life and I miss my genitals every day," he continued.

"'Me and my fianceé want to build a safe space for people who fell for the transgender trend. We want to prevent people from going through transition and help those who have already transitioned and now deal with regret," he explained.

Black said he wants transition surgeries to be banned because it does not help those suffering from gender dysmorphia and other mental illnesses.

"Transsexuality should be treated with extensive psychotherapy. Doctors never ask their patients why they think they are transgender," he claimed. "In most cases, transsexuals suffer from other mental illnesses like depression, body dysmorphia and often even borderline personality disorder."

"In its definition, transgenderism and trans propaganda carry signs typically associated with dangerous cults. ... Children should never be exposed to it, it will only confuse them and make them doubt their own identity," Black warned.

A resident of the Czech Republic, Black has received artificial testosterone as his body is incapable of making his own. He is looking into what was described as an experimental penile surgery.

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