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'Very devout Catholic' Nancy Pelosi blasts 'white guys' who are against abortion


'When you have five children in six years, we'll have a conversation'

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — calling herself a "very devout Catholic" — blasted "white guys" who are against abortion and said recently passed state laws restricting abortion come from a "fear" of pro-choice women.

"They like to argue the case in some words that aren't true but are alarming to people about abortions that must take place in the late term, the health of the mother, whatever it is, but they describe it terribly, and it has a market, and that's why they do it," Pelosi said Wednesday at the 2019 Center for American Progress Ideas Conference.

She added that "this is about some fear that is in our community, our society, about women having the ability to [choose] the size and timing of their families — working with their husbands, with their doctors, with their God, whatever it is."

Pelosi also ripped those opposed to abortion who haven't shared her child-bearing experiences: "When you have five children in six years, we'll have a conversation. Otherwise you have no standing whatsoever."

'It's part of who I am, my Catholic faith'

With that she recalled debating abortion on the floor of the House — adding that she's a "very devout Catholic, practicing Catholic, it means a lot to me, it's part of who I am, my Catholic faith" — when someone said, "Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows more about having babies than the pope."

The quip drew laughter from the audience, after which she said, "You see them lined up on the floor of the House — guys, guys, guys, guys, just white guys, guys, guys — signing for their discharge petition in a way that really doesn't represent the truth of what they are putting down there."

Here's the video. The relevant portion begins around the 19-minute mark:

Nancy Pelosi at Center for American Progress Ideas Conference |Live Now Washingtonyoutu.be

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