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Insane video captures axe-wielding man attacking drums of a street musician before allegedly pulling out a gun

Image Source: KTLA-TV YouTube video composite

A street musician captured shocking video footage of the moment a man attacked his drum set and then allegedly pursued him with a gun in Los Angeles County in California.

Andy Torres told KTLA-TV that he was practicing his drums just after 7 a.m. on Saturday at the Todd Longshore Park in Canyon Country when an axe-wielding man destroyed his drum set.

“With no warning, just came up from behind," Torres said. "It was very scary, it was surreal."

The drummer was wearing his heavy metal costume and mask, which can be seen on the video he recorded.

Torres said the man destroyed a portable drum set worth about $500, and then pursued him with a handgun.

“He pulled out a handgun from his jacket, and he pointed it at me,” he continued. “That’s when I didn’t know what to do anymore.”

Torres said that the man's demeanor completely changed when he saw the camera was recording him.

The drummer said the man told him, "Doesn’t matter that you have me on camera, I’m just gonna tell them you came at me, that you attacked me and provoked me.”

Deputy Natalie Arriaga of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station told KTLA that they are investigating the incident.

"He broke the victim's drum set. The suspect then brandished a firearm towards the victim while yelling at the victim," said Arriaga.

The police have footage of the man as well as his car, including the license plate.

Torres was not hurt, but police said that the man will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon when he is arrested.

However, many commentators on the YouTube video of the incident were not very sympathetic to the musician's ordeal.

"He's not playing that noise in his own neighborhood for a reason. I'd have done the same. Nobody wants to hear your noise. He knows that," said one commentator.

"Ummmmm.....I'd be heated too, if my neighbor decided to play drums, of all instruments, at 7am in the morning on a weekend," said another commentator.

Here's the video of the startling incident:

Video: Canyon Country musician attacked with ax www.youtube.com

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