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Drunk man urinates on fellow American Airlines passenger on flight to India — the third such incident on flights to India in months: Report

Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Those intending to travel from the United States to India should perhaps bring a carry-on umbrella and an extra set of clothes, just in case, after yet another intoxicated passenger aboard a flight bound for India reportedly urinated on a fellow traveler.

On Sunday, two passengers aboard American Airlines flight 292 from New York City to Delhi, India, got into a heated argument. At least one of the two had reportedly become inebriated and "unruly" during the 15-hour flight from JFK to Indira Gandhi International Airport. Tensions between the two eventually escalated to the point that the unidentified drunken man began urinating on his opponent, witnesses claimed.

Indian authorities were waiting for the suspect when the plane landed in New Delhi around 9 p.m. The respective identities of the suspect and the alleged victim have not been released, though the suspect is believed to be an Indian national.

The alleged victim filed a formal complaint with the airline, which has not confirmed the improper urination. "There was no corroborative evidence or complaint given by co-passengers regarding someone peeing on them," said airport Deputy Commissioner of Police Devesh Kumar Mahla.

American Airlines issued a statement after the man was arrested, but the statement confirmed only that "a disruption" had occurred "on board." "We’re grateful to our crew members who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and handled the circumstances with the utmost professionalism," the statement added.

If true, this latest case of mid-flight urination outside a restroom is the third such incident on a flight from the U.S. to India in about five months. Back in November, a business executive with Wells Fargo in Mumbai who was under the influence of alcohol reportedly urinated on an elderly woman in the business class section of an Air India plane flying from NYC to Delhi. Air India suspended the businessman from using its services for 30 days, and Wells Fargo fired the man two months later.

Then just last month, a 21-year-old college student, Aryan Vohra, reportedly relieved himself on a passenger who was sleeping nearby. Vohra, who was also aboard American Airlines flight 292, was described as "heavily intoxicated" and argumentative with both passengers and crew. In that case, the airline confirmed the urination. "After disturbing the safety of fellow passengers, [he] finally urinated on a passenger," it said in a statement. Vohra was subsequently banned from future AA flights.

The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation is expected to continue investigating this latest incident.

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