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'Trans Rights' panel melts down over 'What is a woman?' question — reporter booted from venue
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'Trans Rights' panel melts down over 'What is a woman?' question — reporter booted from venue

Reporter Elaad Eliahu was escorted out of a transgender rights event after asking the panel, "What is a woman?" which received gasps from the crowd at Georgetown University.

The event, which was titled "Trans Rights in America," happened at the Washington D.C. university on September 26, 2023, and was organized in opposition to a speech being given by commentator Michael Knowles from outlet the Daily Wire.

The event's panel featured transgender Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr, journalist Erin Reed, Oklahoma state Rep. Mauree Turner, and transgender activist Charlotte Clymer, TimCast reported.

It was Clymer who first responded after reporter Eliahu approached the microphone in the Q&A portion of the event.

Seeking a consensus on terms, the reporter asked, “So what is a woman? And if it is just self-identifying, then is there any limiting principle to that?”

As shock and awe rolled over the audience, Clymer said he would answer the question but then immediately turned it around on the reporter.

“I’m a journalist, so I came to ask you,” Eliahu replied.

“Well, I want to ask you: What is a woman?” Clymer said.

"Well, I believe it comes down to genetics, I believe it comes down to the concept of two X chromosomes," he answered.

As Clymer began to respond, a woman from the audience declared, “I don’t think this is the venue.”

“I think the speaker is fine responding,” the reporter told the woman.

“I’ll give a quick answer,” Clymer said. “There are cis-gender women with XY chromosomes, there are cis-gender men with XX chromosomes. Chromosomally, we can’t determine what a woman is. Biologically, it’s very hard to define. This is what we see over and over again," the activist boldly claimed.

Clymer then attempted to claim that Eliahu hadn't actually answered his question: “What really angers me about this question is that the people never seem to be able to give a straight answer themselves.”

“I just did,” Eliahu said.

“Eh, you didn’t, though,” Clymer replied. “Because you just gave an answer that was literally just defined chromosomally, is what I’m saying.”

“OK, well, so what’s your definition of a woman?” Eliahu chimed back.

“It sounds like you just got one, dude,” another contentious woman in the audience remarked.

“Do you have a definition?” Eliahu asked again.

“I don’t,” Clymer concluded.

Eliahu was then escorted out of the auditorium by an unnamed event organizer.

“There was next to no physical force because I was compliant in leaving,” the reporter later said.

Nearby police officers did not approach him during his exit.

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