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Elizabeth Warren brutally mocked over plan for health insurance workers who lose jobs under Medicare for All


'Reality: they'll all head to unemployment insurance'

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was widely mocked on Friday as she continued to sell her Medicare for All proposal by suggesting that Americans who work in the health insurance industry, who would lose their jobs if her plan comes to pass, find work elsewhere.

When asked by reporters Friday about the Americans her plan negatively impacts — more than 600,000 Americans and their families — Warren claimed "no one gets left behind."

"Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance," she said.

The Democratic presidential contender went on to say that her contingency plan is included in her proposal and claimed that her plan is "fully paid for."

Warren finally released a detailed plan for Medicare for All on Friday. Her proposal carries a whopping $52 trillion per decade price tag. The plan includes massive spending and tax increases, and it would eliminate the private health industry, including the health insurance sector.

What was the reaction?

In response to her suggestion that laid off health insurance workers find work in other insurance sectors, Warren was widely mocked and rebuked.

"I'm trying to figure out how eliminating the market for health insurance expands the market for auto insurance," one person responded.

"Deciding between auto insurnace and car insurance is going to be tough," one person mocked.

"Reality: they'll all head to unemployment insurance," another person replied.

"Better get unemployment insurance," another person mocked.

"So that's what insane' looks like. Got it. Thanks," one person responded.

"Where to begin with her idiocy. @ewarren wants to abolish health insurance for 180 million people, dump them onto a one-size fits all government plan, turn doctors and nurses into government serfs, and just glibly tosses off the job and economic destruction she will cause," another person responded.

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