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Evidently tired of having his city immobilized by vegetarian climate alarmists, vigilante single-handedly dismantles barricade

Image source: Twitter video, @damiengayle - Screenshot

Vegetarian climate alarmists held up traffic for miles Tuesday in London, England, after they blocked Westminster Bridge, demanding that the government put livestock farmers and fishers out of business and help force the population onto a plant-only diet.

While motorists waited patiently and the police bided their time, one Briton, evidently tired of having his city held hostage by extremists, took matters into his own hands.

What are the details?

Vegetarian climate alarmists blocked traffic on Westminster Bridge during rush hour on Feb. 14, staging a so-called candlelit "Valentine's dinner," reported the Hackney Gazette.

One alarmist dressed up as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and uncorked a bottle of champagne:

The alarmist seated opposite the man in the mask, who can be seen in the video playing with counterfeit cash, explained that he and other demonstrators wanted the prime minister to transition the country off animal-based agriculture and end subsidies to the industry.

One of the alarmists present, Joshua Lane from Derbyshire, stated, "This Valentine’s Day we’re calling on the government to get out of its toxic relationship with animal farming and fishing and, instead, show commitment to tackling the climate and ecological emergencies with a plant-based food system."

Lane and the other demonstrators who delayed Britons who work for a living from completing their journeys are associated with Animal Rebellion.

Animal Rebellion is a climate alarmist organization that seeks to "reimagine our food system so it is resilient enough to survive the climate crisis that is already here."

Contending that "it is obvious to everyone that the current animal-based food system cannot survive the climate crisis," Animal Rebellion seeks to put meat and dairy farmers out of work and compel the population to eat only plant-based foods.

Like other climate alarmist groups previously detailed by TheBlaze, Animal Rebellion claims that "democracy is broken" on account of the democratic will of the people producing results other than those the activists would prefer.

Orla Coghlan, a spokesman for the climate alarmist group, said of the Feb. 14 blockade, "We fully accept responsibility for the disruption to the public caused by these actions and that it can naturally lead to anger."

Carnivorous strength

While Metropolitan Police stood idly by as the climate alarmists forced hundreds of cars to idle on the bridge in the direction of St Thomas' Hospital for an hour, one bystander took action.

Video of the incident shows a young man tossing the climate alarmists' candelabra aside. He can then be seen chucking their romantic set decorations — including their table — off to one side of the road.

The vigilante proceeds to unseat both climate alarmists and drag them, one by one, out of the way of those motorists possibly poised to help feed their families.

Finally, the vigilante tears down the climate alarmists' banner.

One of the climate alarmists subsequently told Damien Gayle the vigilante "straight up just assaulted us."

When the climate alarmists eventually resumed their positions on the street, another passerby began pulling them to the side. However, on this occasion, police officers intervened:

After the physical interactions came to an end, the police permitted the climate alarmists to continue blocking traffic.

According to police, officers ultimately "removed the protesters from the highway to allow traffic to move freely over the bridge. Five protesters were arrested for obstruction of the highway. ... A sixth person was arrested for actual bodily harm after assaulting a protester. All six were taken to a West London police station."

The road was opened one hour after the climate alarmists initiated their blockade.

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