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Fashion show with 'Allah' printed on clothes in Arabic draws criticism of Australian 'androgynous' brand

Images courtesy @MySamudera / Twitter

A self-described "androgynous" clothing brand is facing criticism over garments with the word "Allah" printed on them in Arabic at a Melbourne, Australia, fashion show.

According to SBS News, fashion brand "Not a Mans Dream" showcased two clothing items at the Melbourne Fashion Festival that drew criticism.

One of the designs was a sleeveless jumpsuit made of transparent fabric, which read "Allah walks with me," with a headdress similar to a hijab or head scarf, but with straps and plastic buckles on it.

Another garment with a smudged font showcased the same phrase and had the model's hair covered as well.

The Australian-based fashion brand describes itself as "an androgynous women lead brand defying the rules of gender archetypes, fashioning inclusivity, fashion innovation and diversity within the industry."

The designer, Samantha Saint James, once described her designs as "the modern-day love story with oneself and others whilst discovering the angst and transition from sublime happiness to anarchy and undoing."

The Melbourne Fashion Festival released a statement apologizing for any "caused offence" and removed any accompanying images of the garments from its webpage.

"The Festival did not intend to disrespect anyone and we apologize for any offence caused," the statement from the festival reads.

Saint James apologized through a joint statement with the festival also, saying she has "come to understand how some garments have caused offence".

"It was the opposite of my intention and for that, I'm truly sorry," the designer added.

SBS News reports that after inquiries to the clothing brand, the label locked its previously public Instagram account.

A Twitter account that circulated photos of the show, called "MySamudera," called the garments "rude."

Other translated text reads:

"Famous Brands Print God's Name on Shirts Featuring a model wearing a 'jumpsuit' made of transparent fabric with the Arabic text 'Allah walks with me' (الله يمشي معي) written all over her body."

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