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Transgender, pro-fat doctor is furious at '4 thin white rich able bodied cisgender men' behind 'The Whale' movie after it wins Oscar awards

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A transgender, U.K. doctor known for being a fatness advocate expressed outrage that thin people were being celebrated for "The Whale" movie at the Oscar awards ceremony on Sunday.

The movie, about a man dealing with his obesity problem and directed by Darren Aronofsky, garnered Oscar awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling and for Best Actor.

Dr. Asher Larmie, who also identifies as non-binary, unleashed a furious tirade on Twitter over the fatphobic incident.

"Once again, just a reminder that the Whale was written by, directed by, and produced by 4 thin white rich able bodied cisgender men. Oh, and check out its "fat" star who was celebrated and honoured at the Oscars last night. What a f***ing joke," Larmie tweeted with a photo of the movie's lead, Brendan Fraser.

"Are we able to wrap our heads around this one yet folks? Someone won an Oscar for making Brendan Fraser (a currently straight sized man) look FAT. No one else finds this disturbing ffs?" Larmie added in a third tweet.

The movie has been celebrated as a career comeback for Fraser after he left the industry over sexual harassment that he faced from a movie executive. A video of his fans giving him a standing ovation was circulated widely as a touching and emotional moment but excoriated by fat advocates for its inherent problematic fatphobia.

Fraser tearfully accepted the Oscar for best actor on Sunday.

Larmie later lashed out at his detractors.

"The fat haters are out numbers today. Imagine thinking you're so smart when all evidence suggests otherwise," Larmie tweeted, "waste your breath somewhere else, you're not getting the reaction you want out of me today."

Larmie is known for claiming that obesity causes no health problems.

Here's Fraser accepting the Oscar for best actor:

Brendan Fraser Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actorwww.youtube.com

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