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Feds tackle rioters, hit them with batons, force them to run away from battered Portland courthouse they were trying to break into


'These people have decided the only way they'll stop is to get their ass kicked. So they got their ass kicked!' one observer remarked

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

After rioters in Portland, Oregon, tried yet again to break into the boarded-up and battered federal courthouse that's been a target for well over a month, federal officers aggressively cleared out the leftists from in front of the building.

What are the details?

The video shows one officer tackling two rioters at once from behind while others around them scatter — and then that same officer shoves to the sidewalk one of the rioters he'd just brought down and then takes a swing at another leftist, who wisely runs off. The officer then moves to the left down the sidewalk and shoves another rioter away.

The video pans backward showing other officers moving in and one them firing at rioters multiple rounds of what presumably are pepper balls, rubber bullets, or some other form of non-lethal munitions.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Soon officers cross the street, further pushing back the rioters as one officer whacks a rioter with a baton while another violently shoves a rioter to the sidewalk and against a pole.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

The video of the federal officers' pushback is preceded by a clip showing rioters taking turns pummeling the entrance of the courthouse with a metal object:

Here are a couple of other videos showing the action before the federal officers took control:

How did viewers react to the clip of federal officers using force against the rioters?

Numerous Twitter users reacted to Andy Ngo's tweet highlighting the video, and many couldn't have been happier:

  • "That was a VICIOUS takedown," one person reacted. "Look at all the little gnats run away."
  • "Shields don't work when you get flanked, young rioter," another observed.
  • "This is encouraging," another said. "It is difficult to understand how so many people in Portland can be infected with this insanity."
  • "That just made my morning!" another said. "They need to be arrested federally. None of this catch & release BS."
  • "Damn they really scattered like roaches in the night when you turn on the light," another said.
  • "If you've never had to put down a riot before ( I have), second guessing everything is the easy part," another advised. "Violence doesn't look pretty, but these people have decided the only way they'll stop is to get their ass kicked. So they got their ass kicked!"

Anything else?

Amid the actions by federal officers in Portland, Defense Secretary Mark Esper has raised concerns about them doing so in other U.S. cities in camouflage uniforms similar to those troops wear in war zones, his spokesperson said Tuesday, Politico reported.

Esper has urged efforts to more clearly distinguish between the two, the outlet added, citing Jonathan Hoffman, chief Pentagon spokesperson.

"We saw this take place back in June when there were some law enforcement that wear uniforms that make them appear military in appearance," Hoffman said, according to Politico. Esper has told administration officials that "we want a system where people can tell the difference," the outlet added.

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