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Florida men dubbed 'dumbest criminals' of the week after reportedly leaving string of identifying clues — including ID


Police had no trouble catching them

Image source: Marion County Sheriff's Office

Two men in central Florida this week earned the title "dumbest criminals" after leaving behind evidence at the scene of their alleged crimes.

The Sheriff's Office in Marion County arrested 41-year-old Robert Hobby and 23-year-old Marcus Reeves for reportedly stealing, WCJB-TV reported. Police say the two men engaged in a string of burglaries and thefts.

The duo allegedly went on a burglary spree in Ocala and Marion counties, breaking into several convenience stores and stealing lottery tickets and cigarettes.

Police did not have any trouble apprehending the suspected thieves. Apparently, the two suspects left behind several incriminating items in the stores they robbed, including a shoe, their tools, and Reeves' wallet, which contained his ID.

Police said Hobby and Reeves also were caught on camera smoking cigarettes in the stores while they were committing their crimes.

In a Facebook post, the Marion County Sheriff's Office introduced the two men as "this week's dumbest criminals."

"Meet 41-year-old Robert Hobby and 23-year-old Marcus Reeves, they have been arrested for a total of 14 charges combined, all in reference to Grand Theft and Burglaries," the sheriff's office said.

"Now being a thief already makes you dumb, but that isn't why they are this week's 'Dumbest Criminals.' You see these two went on a burglary spree inside the city limits of Ocala and out here in the county," the office continued. "They were breaking into convenience stores, stealing cigarettes and lottery tickets, BUT while doing this, they were smoking cigarettes inside the stores while the cameras were watching. But that still isn't the best part, because we didn't need the cameras to identify them…you see when they left the stores, they left their shoe, their tools and Marcus left his wallet with his Driver's License."

The suspects were arrested after police went to Reeves' residence and confronted him with the evidence. Reeves reportedly confessed, and the two thieves now face 14 grand theft and burglary charges.

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