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Former MMA champ challenges 10 trans men in row to fight 'since trans men are real men' — 1 accepts, reportedly boasts 'I’m specifically going to f*** you up'

L to R: Jake Shields, former MMA champ (Image source: YouTube screenshot); Mack Beggs, trans man, former Texas girls' HS champ (Image source: Instagram video screenshot)

Former MMA champion Jake Shields — an outspoken opponent of transgender culture — recently issued a challenge: He'll fight 10 transgender men (i.e., biological females who identify as male) in row with no breaks "since trans men are real men."

Well, one trans man accepted — and reportedly told Shields, "I’m specifically going to f*** you up."

Readers of TheBlaze may recall the challenger in question: In 2017, Mack Beggs — then 17 years old — made national news by taking a Texas girls' 110-pound wrestling championship. Beggs, a biological female, had been taking testosterone and reportedly wanted to wrestle boys instead of girls, but Texas athletic rules wouldn't allow it. Beggs repeated as Texas girls' champion in 2018.

What are the details?

Shields issued the challenge last month:

"Since trans men are real men, I would like to challenge the 10 toughest trans men in the world to a fight," Shields tweeted, adding that there would be "no rest between each fight."

Later that day he added, "A million views and not a single trans man has stepped up to accept my challenge. I’m starting to think they don’t have the balls to fight me."

Challenge accepted

According to OutSports, Beggs soon accepted Shields' challenge. The outlet linked to Beggs' Instagram page quoting Beggs' reply, but that page is "no longer available."

OutSports quoted Beggs as saying, "Where’s the contract[?] But we ain’t doing no 10 on 1. Be a f***ing man and run it up 1v1. Or is beating up on 10 men will make you feel better about your manhood [sic]."

OutSports also quoted Beggs as saying “I’m about to beat this m-fers ass if it comes down to it." The outlet noted that a follow-up Instagram video (which strangely also is "no longer available") from Beggs taunted Shields’ offer as a joke, saying it was “disrespectful” to MMA fighters.

“If you call yourself a fighter, do it f***ing right,” Beggs said, according to OutSports.

OutSports also quoted Beggs as saying, “I’m specifically going to f*** you up Jake Shields personally."

Shields — who's quite a bit older (44) and heavier than Beggs — hasn't appeared the least bit impressed by Beggs' challenge acceptance:

Will the fight actually happen?

It's impossible to say if the fight between Shields and Beggs will take place. That said, Beggs did hit Instagram with a video over the weekend. (Content warning: Language):

"The only reason why trans guys haven't gotten opportunities like this is or at the pro level is because they don't see us as real guys," Beggs said. "That doesn't mean we don't know how to kick somebody's ass, or that we don't train as well."

Beggs then taunted those who believe Shields would easily triumph in a fight: "You know what? Doubt me. I wan't you to doubt me so hard. ... I f***in' enjoy that s**t. I eat that s**t up. I eat that s**t for breakfast. Like, y'all don't know what I'm capable of ..."

Beggs added that if the fight with Shields "does end up happening," it won't be alongside other trans males: "It's only gonna be a single fight. It's gonna be done right ... but keep doubting me."

Jake Shields Training With Danaher Death Squadyoutu.be

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