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Georgia 'witch doctor' who allegedly threatened to call ICE on rape victim could face more charges after 6 other victims came forward

Image Source: WSB-TV YouTube video screenshot composite

A man who sold services as a "witch doctor" in Georgia and allegedly threatened to call immigration enforcement on his rape victim might face further charges after other victims have come forward.

Duluth police testified about the other victims when 44-year-old Hassan Shalgheen appeared in court in Gwinnett County.

Det. Eddie Gomez detailed the sexual harassment complaint made against Shalgheen by a woman who said she had answered his online ad about a "cleansing" at his apartment on Feb. 5.

“He told her, ‘You should do a cleansing,” Gomez testified, “and I can help you with that.’”

The woman told police that Shalgheen used incense and chanted in a foreign language before he forced himself on her during the alternative medicine ritual.

“Hassan then grabbed her by the arms and forced her in the bedroom where he sexually assaulted her,” Gomez continued.

Investigators said that the victim was left with bruises on her body and ripped clothing.

“She asked him, ‘Can I leave now?’ And he said, ‘No I’m not finished yet, have faith in me. Be obedient,’” Gomez said.

The woman said that Shalgheen threatened to call immigration enforcement officials on her if she reported the assault, and he demanded that she pay him $300 for the "cleansing."

Instead, she went to the police, and Shalgheen was arrested on Feb. 6. Gomez said that six additional victims came forward after his arrest and made similar accusations.

Shalgheen speaks Arabic and Spanish and had to have an interpreter during the court case. He will remain at the Gwinnett County Jail without bail.

Here's a news video about the witch doctor arrest:

‘Witch doctor’ could face more criminal charges after 6 other victims come forwardwww.youtube.com

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