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GOP lawmaker uses series of impeachment tweets to spell out 'Epstein didn't kill himself'


Rep. Paul Gosar says he did it 'for the connoisseurs of subtlety'

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) treated his 75,000 Twitter followers to a coded message while commenting during impeachment proceedings Wednesday, using a series of tweets to embed the phrase: "Epstein didn't kill himself."

What are the details?

"Evidence of a link between foreign aid and political investigations simply does not exist. The longer this circus continues the clearer it becomes that @realDonaldTrump has done nothing absolutely nothing wrong," Gosar wrote in his first message in a rapid-fire series of 23 tweets on the impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump.

Eagled-eyed observers picked up on a pattern, noticing that the first letter in each tweet spelled out, "Epstein didn't kill himself."

When social media began to buzz over his cryptic message, Gosar made light of the game, tweeting:

'All of the tweets pertaining to testimony from today's hearing.

Rest assured, they are substantive.

Every one of them.

All of them.

5 were brilliant.

1 was ok," which — using the same coding method — spelled out, "Area 51."

The Phoenix New Times reported that "at first, it wasn't clear if Gosar intended the hidden tweet message as a joke, or if he actually bought into the fervent conspiracy theory [that Epstein didn't kill himself]. What was obvious was that he was counting on the public to catch on."

Rep. Gosar told the newspaper, "This was intentionally done. People take themselves way too seriously in DC. The actual tweets are serious commentary. The Epstein reference is for the connoisseurs of subtlety and an homage to the lost but sublime art of humor bonding and group dynamics."

According to Politico, "Gosar has been a vocal ally of Trump, and his tweets voiced his support for the president in the face of House Democrats' impeachment inquiry."

Anything else?

Fox News reported that "the 'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme has spread like wildfire after the death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein."

Mystery surrounded Epstein during his life and in his death. Questions remain over how the billionaire accumulated his fortune, and how he came to be friends with many of the most powerful people in the world, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Those ties along with failed security measures at the prison where Epstein died have fueled speculation that — contrary to the New York City medical examiner's determination — the convicted pedophile did not take his own life.

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